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Avatar ImageSims 3 is Golden
By: | May 11th, 2009
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I’ve never really been bothered by the green diamond-like cursor over my head. It just floats there and spins about aimlessly. What’s frustrating is whenever it makes me dance silly, and refuses to let me go to the bathroom. I suppose it’s only going to get worse, because The Sims 3 has gone gold!

The next in Will Wrights human control simulation machine will “street in 60 countries June 2″. Are you going to pick it up? I hear the system requirements are brutal!

Source: Official Website for The Sims 3

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  1. The minimum system requirements almost mirror what most games’ recommended settings are today. I too expect this to require a fairly beastly computer.

  2. My wife wants it, but she would have to have a new computer.

  3. I could never really get sucked into these games.

  4. I am gonna have to get this.

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