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As if the late night Girls Gone Wild commercials weren’t enough, someone has to go and create a patch that will leave our lovable Sims standing around in nothing but their birthday suit.  Good grief.

The release of Sims 3 is nearly upon us, and the much anticipated title is already getting dirty.  People all over the net are designing patches that allow gamers to see their favorite male and female characters in the flesh.  Instead of waiting until 9pm for the girl next door to take her daily shower, we can just have our Sims take non stop back to back showers.  Hooray for awkward entertainment!

Sims 3 is set to release June 2, 2009.  I don’t know about you guys, but I have my patch already downloaded.  Now, if I could only find a way to get the game faster, then I’d be set for some Nvidia 9800 nudity.

Source: Destructoid

  1. Avatar Image Ian

    Oh come on!

    are people so desperate to see low resolution genitalia that they have to resort the the sims?

    • avatar Anonymous

      sims r cool…………………..

    • avatar Honest

      It’s not that. It’s more of an issue that we can’t stand seeing th sensor bars. Pixel blurs are a pain.

      Also, the Sims are like Barbie… The have no parts…

  2. avatar Matt

    I’m with you Ian, Get a life really

  3. I think the saddest part is that it was out even before the retail version.

  4. Remember that game Singles: Flirt Up Your Life? It was basically a Sims knock-off, plus boobies, minus the fun. This reminds me of that, and also the DOA2 nude code for the Dreamcast. Yay for nudity without nipples! Weird, smooth breasts… isn’t browsing the ‘Net for porn easier than, say, going through 1,000′s of lines of code trying to find the Hot Coffee mini-game from San Andreas?

  5. Heh, yeah. But I always apply this patch. Makes things more realistic.

  6. avatar Loves2Spooge

    IMO no patch. The male brain has no end to depravity. I know I have one, still, no patch.

  7. LOL the guy that doesn’t want the nude patch is named Loves2Spooge…


  8. avatar jeromejuice

    well, i have had the sims, and the sims 2, now the first sims was alot easier to mod, so u had the nude patch, and then several more patches to add “extra” features to your sims, sure back in junior high that was great, then you discover porn, then you look back and say, ” damn, why would anybody need a nude patch when you can go on the internet and get more bang for your buck, well, if you visit a paysite, lol.

  9. avatar ex

    I download the patches mostly cause they don’t actually show any detail (it’s like a doll) but it’s better then the stupid blur. Esp when they are on the toilet and still in clothes and all blured. It’s gets annoying to see giant pixeled sims all the time when they aren’t even out of their clothes. Plus the patch isn’t like the wacky people who actually download the porn like skins to make them more realisitic. It’s just getting rid of an obnixious blur that really isn’t covering anything all that revaling. It’s no worse then Ken and Barbie.

  10. avatar Don

    The fact that every freaking PC game gets a nude patch proves that a lot of people desire “adult” themes in games. We have nudity in movies. What’s the difference?

  11. avatar Lord Khorne


    Get DAZ3D or Poser get high resolution genitalia omgz!

  12. avatar Carnavore

    Its better then the censer box’s thats in the game now

  13. avatar PongLenis

    You’re writing on a fucking forum about nudity in a game and you’re telling people to get a life? … Take a godamn look at the mirror, ROFL!

  14. avatar Sick of the Nannystate

    The censor box SUCKS! The idea that there is a censor box that CAN’T be turned off within the game SUCKS.

    The world should not have to be censored and idiot proofed to protect the morally uptight morons who are too lazy to raise their kids.

    What is the real shame is the need to hack a game to get “nanny-states” fingerprints out of it so a person can “customize it” to the way they like it…..after they claim its “fully customizeable”… thank god there are sane people out there willing to spend THEIR time doing what EA should have done from the beginning.

  15. avatar Furiant

    I love how people self-righteously complain about the nude patches, claiming that the folks who want them must be aberrant or sick, when they are the ones calling the nude human form – the most natural possible state – “dirty”. Who are the disturbed ones here? People who want to enhance their immersion by viewing their characters in their natural state, or those who consider the human form itself some kind of sinful horror? Maybe your therapist can help you with this, but debasing others on the comments section won’t.

  16. avatar Jaxter

    you can find and download the patch here:

  17. avatar Name (Required)

    well even though i do agree with Furiant.. i also have a more technical reason for wanting a no censor patch… i found since early sims games the blur drags borderline hardware down badly… i had this issue when i 1st got sims 2 the computer i had at the time was below the min specs but it ran it well untill the censor blur made it crawl.. once i found the cheat to kill it i spend hours playing the game with no real problems.. so it stands to reason that even up to date power house hardware can have much better performance without these needless shaders gumming up the works..

  18. avatar Lucian Dragos

    i made the post about and forgot a name… sorry for the double post but there is no edit button

  19. avatar NudeSimsFTW

    I am glad there is the censor patch, the blur is there because if it wasn’t, no one could buy the game for their kids and their would be an uproar in the media and a newspaper front page that says ”Nude Sims ruin child’s life”, ”Porn found in game”.

  20. avatar Lucian Dragos

    True… its really sad how simple nudity is looked on as something pornographic today… the media has such a narrow mind and are so overly conservative that anything that is a little “indecent” in there eyes sets them off like a block of religious dogma C4…

  21. avatar Xsaint

    How has anyone managed not see themselves nude in real life?

  22. avatar Lucian Dragos

    The way some of these people talk you would think so… i don’t know maybe they where the kind that was made to ware a bathing suit to take a bath growing up lol

  23. avatar Moo

    Wouldn’t they still have to put ON the bathing suit?

  24. avatar Lucian Dragos

    yea in the dark with there eyes closed and with tongs so they never touched skin o_-

  25. avatar Cassandra

    hi, whats the code i have to write to get uncensored? Sims 3 help me please

  26. avatar Mike Hunt

    I am sick and depraved. I always have the most realistic skins available. I am always looking at porn and everything in public too. Life is soooo good when your naked. I also found on the sims 2 whips and chains and a dildo. You get mad fun with that :) . Normal people are the strangest people out there. Closet cases all of em. people should teach their children that nudity is a part of life. So that more girls after the age of 18 that is would get naked more often. :)

  27. avatar Visadelle

    Hello everyone, Alot of people think that australian’s like myself are very outgoing and are over the top sexually. Well that’s TRUE but we don’t go around telling people they are sick for wanting a bit of nudity in there lives, I am a mother of two who loves this game and so do my children i have tought them that there is nothing wrong with nudity and to have an open mind about it in this way they are strong and open minded which to me is a lesson well learned one that i think people all over the world should learn. If there is a problem with people not wanting their children seeing the nudity then get a second hard drive and install it without the patch and restrict their children to their own hard drive instead of one hard drive for the whole family.

    It’s not that hard is it ?.

  28. avatar 2d

    I think being nude in the shower for example is natural. so if that means disgrace maybe you ppl are too paranoid and ready to attack everything that isn’t “good”. i am not searching for porn and i will not download the patch. but being naked in some situations is quite normal. if you dont see it that way, maybe you are twisted up enough to point at nipples and scream: POOOORN! Its just nipples,… it depends how you choose to look at them.

  29. avatar Jd

    The nude “patch” does the same as the sims 2 remove blur command, no real nudity just removes the censor blur. It would be nice if there were higher resolution more anatomically correct skins files though

  30. avatar Damien

    To spend time complaining about ppl removing the blur from a game is pathetic. Anyone can do what the h*** they want.
    Is there a blur in real life when you go to the bathroom? Didn’t think so.

  31. avatar Matt (

    There are nude skin files out there, but you have to pay for them. Just google search nude”The Sims 3 nude skins” and you should be able to find the site. I for one will not pay for a file like that though, so I am waiting until I can get a free copy from somewhere. If anyone comes accross one please email me! :)

    Ill do photoshop for you or something. ha.

  32. avatar ~m~

    well im a guy so its normal!!

  33. avatar MetroidJunkie

    I never understood that, either. Nudity is okay in R rated movies (Watchmen, anyone?) but god forbid M rated games have the same thing.

  34. avatar Hmm..

    I took a shower this morning and tried looking for my censor. Call me crazy, but does Sims not stand for simulation? If we’re trying to simulate everyday life, I think a little nudity is neccessary. The only time I’d appreciate a censor is when I walk into the bathroom while Grandpa is showering. *vomit*

  35. avatar 94m80

    Well The Sims franchise, as it is, caters for countless cultures and creeds. Some of whom may be offended by digital dolls in sexy underwear or less… hence the mosaic in-game. The patch merely caters for those who aren’t and simply wish for greater… ah-hem… “realism”. There are others (the minority i’m sure) who just want to spend (n) amounts of their respective currency for “relatively” cheap thrills.

    The moral: Don’t like porn – Don’t get the patch. Do like porn – get the penis, fluff and realistic skin add-ons as well as the no-mosaic patch!! :)

    Happy gaming.

  36. avatar criss

    whats so sad about it… the patch was out.. before the game was.. O_o

  37. avatar Andii

    I have to disagree completely with those saying its sad.
    I want the patch myself, but not for the erotica – if your reading this then you will know you can get MILLIONS of pornsites and lots of cartoon/gaming/anime porn.
    The reason for wanting it is because I just dont like the blur, also it’s fun to see low res nakedness. and i think it makes it seem a little more realistic.

    I think Sims shud have a parental control option with a password thats in the book so that the blur can be removed without having to download from the internet.

  38. avatar Jack

    Yeah but how do you download it?

  39. avatar Rawr

    HAHA. Does anybody notice she has no pubes? But yeah. Being naked is pretty much normal.

  40. avatar eon

    isspecialy from grammies house

  41. avatar sluffer

    is this the nerd convention. i bet this is the first time u saw a women that nude

  42. avatar polly

    wow i wonder on this web site by accident and find a whole bunch of nerds talking about nude sims. all of u need to get a life

  43. avatar chels

    I agree with Polly. This isn’t even worth the argument.

  44. avatar Merow

    The funny thing about the peep crying about how sick this is here, is the fact most of them were searching for it in the first place.

  45. avatar Gale

    they look like barbies when they are nude

  46. avatar starripes

    You can buy Barbie dolls will no nipples or detail, so The Sims game should be sold like that, and then if some people want to they can develop and download “graphic” patches. Yes it is stupid that Sims wear all their clothes on the toilet and are blurred in the bath when they don’t even have genitalia to hide. I see naked Barbie dolls in charity shops all the time; same difference.

  47. avatar ThatGuy

    It’s not wrong.

  48. avatar porsche

    yeaa i agree with starripes. y dont they uncensor it, and develop more detailed patches for peeople who want it that way???

  49. avatar porsche

    i hope that’ll be the case in sims 4

  50. avatar Gee

    i only do the patch ot make it realistic..if the patch isnt done in the shower all u see is the head taht gay if it only censord\d like the nude bits that would be alright

  51. avatar IT'S BECAUSE...

    of series on youtube! people put on this patch so it looks more like a show!!!!!!!!!

  52. avatar Sqx

    If you’re downloading the patch for erotica purposes than yeah, it’s a little strange, but to each their own really. I personally just can’t stand the blur. I’m not going to download the patch to look at the Sims in a sexual manner. It just makes it more realistic, like others have said. Of course it’s just a game but this is a game that lets us choose what we want to do with these little people we create. If you have an issue with people talking about nudity in a game like this, think about the game itself first off. It’s a game that lets us create a character, they have children, they can get a job, go to school… It relates to things we do in real lives, although it’s still a game. Removing a blur isn’t really that serious. It’s not that shocking to see people discussing this sort of thing really. I don’t see the big deal.

  53. avatar Ca

    Man take the@!#@ cencer patch of let’s se som sim boobs dame it

  54. avatar Leave Me Alone

    To all the negative critizers, oh sure, like your so innocent and pure. What turns one on may not for anotrher. And not everyone is built in the real world like an athlete and has the face of a star. Quit being such hypocrites, and really does it make you feel more superior to crush even further what little of an ego one has? Go and watch your sports events you brainless jocks. Oh yes of course it makes more sense to cheer for somebody that doesn’t care about you, and to live your life by someone else’s dream. Hm? Funny that sounds familiar.

  55. avatar hahaha coool but wheres the cheat thing so i can do it???


  56. avatar Anonymous

    But I think that many people who download this patch may be making videos or something like that and need to get rid of the pixels because they interfere with a scene? Maybe your simmie is taking a bath and they only really want a shot of the shoulders but those annoying pixels get in the way?

  57. avatar Anonymous

    The patch is useful for people who like to make movies using this game. I personally just find the blur though annoying.

  58. avatar Elfseeker

    If people are on here, posting and having fun, chances are they have come across an adult site or three and are -not- into naked sims for the sexual pleasure it gives them. Thank you.

  59. avatar anonymous

    I use the censor blur with barbie skins just for pictures and stories. Really ruins a picture if you can see the sim’s arms, part of it’s legs, and the top of it’s head. I’m all for making it more kid-friendly, but really? That is over the top, it shows less skin then most of the outfits on there.

  60. avatar Grumpy Englishman.

    I was lost for words when I discovered the game was censored. It makes me wonder what is going on in the minds of people who thought it necessary. There is much to admire about Americans, their neurotic attitude to nudity isn’t one of them.

    • avatar Grumpy Englishman

      I found a working censor removal tool at ‘xsims’.

      While I’m feeling pedantic I’ll correct the grammar in my previous post.
      I should have said ‘There are many things’ not ‘There is much’.

  61. avatar Galornden

    Some people like a more realistic experience for many reasons. If you do you can download for free realistic Sims 3 skins here

  62. avatar Get a fucking life it is only a game have sex with a real persone


  63. avatar hydra220

    I will admit I didn’t even read all the stuff stated, but I there’s no need for the patch. If we create the Sims, their lives, and like their God why should we see patch it makes it unrealistic. I really don’t care if they cover to whoohoo, snap a finger for the car, or slide right in the front door. The barbie figures are good for those who think it scars kids, or just feel free to follow ratings. I do believe the super blutches are a pain and I dont want to see them having real sex, hm thats when you know you really need a sex life. What I do hate is how someone can be a old or good friend, be a uncle by marriage and still put the moves on you or you get romantic with your parents cousin I find that disturbing.

  64. avatar Warsun

    Ill make this quick. If people don’t like nudity in there games you should make it mandatory to have the function off. You should have the option of turning it on or off. There is no logic or intelligence in a person who believes the way they play a game is the way everyone plays a game. I like big breast in World of Warcraft.

    If i add a mod to increase the breast size on my screen and my screen along. The company BANDS me. This is what kills games and makes customers angry. People are like 50 years old with 8 kids and someone decides I’m going to censor adult content in your game. This makes people very very very angry. Censor ship is ONLY ( repeat ) ONLY for games made for children under 17 which in America is now age 14. Because yes preteens have more sex than MOST adults. The idea that Adults need to be censored is hypocritical. Furthermore.

    When a coustomer buys your product you do NOT have the rights to change there in game content! If they do not approve you do not create a patch and not inform them of changes you made in the patch. The coustomer can deside not to download the game update. However you must provide Updates without game changing functions. This is why you just give them what they require not change what they dont want changed. Patches can be designed to provide one patch that give you the option to turn something on and off.

    But Data Logging. Who gets the data? Who is responsible for the information gathered? Why should we trust these people with access in to our computers. How do we know they’re not selling our data? How do we know someones not listening IN on that data collection. This is a problem. If i dont even trust my own mother what the hell makes you think i trust you? So i turn the feature off. Guess what. it cannot be turned off. That makes people think your part of an organization for data collection. We dont trust the Data logging if you dont have a means to shut it off. This needs to be address. i suspect them of being part of the MIC and they claimed i made a violation to the agreement of the forums. Im sorry but if you didnt fix this issue in 2 patches 2 expantions…. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I CAN TRUST YOU?

  65. avatar Shovw It!

    Funny how those that say “get a life” to people like me/us,yet they have time to um,uh,take time out of their oh so busy and completely fulfilled lives to knoc and bash others. What are you trying to say really?That an RPG or first person shooter or strategy or what-ever is more fulfilling and worth it? It’s all tast you dorks,but let me guess,’s OK to watch internet porn. Youcan t pick and choose,it s all or nothing. For the dumb jocks that still don t undertand,i ll explain it in simple terms, we’re not all cut from the same tree,so shut up and shove it.

  66. avatar Shit4Brains

    LOL LOL LOL honestly all of that call others losers, nerds, or sad in this forum why the F*ck are u in this forum if u wasnt intrested dont come in here bad mouthing people cause they want more realism if u dont like it get the hell outta the forum for god sakes i get poon almost everyday (almost lol) but for real all u people badmouthing people in this forum need to die a horrible death while crouds gather and laugh at your tortured carcasses. Peace!

  67. avatar shut_the _fuk_up

    if ppl want to sit there and look at nude sims well good for them if you wanna deprive your kids from reality the skrew you……………………………….

  68. avatar well_we_Get_variety

    well you do get to choose what they do ingame EA needs a child safe version and an adult version

    btw :D

  69. avatar Nude isn't dirty

    I don’t understand the prudes all making such a big deal – as many have mentioned, naked sims are as harmless as Ken & Barbie. I bet they don’t let their kids have Barbie dolls (LOL). Who cares if I, in the privacy of my own home, want to see naked sims?
    For those of you who tell us to get a life… where is yours? You must feel so disgusted that you have genitals, so go and cut them off.
    Some people might get off viewing nude sims – SO WHAT? I don’t have children, but if I did, I wouldn’t care if they saw naked sims – or played with Barbie dolls.

    We are all naked underneath our clothes, deal with it.

  70. avatar Sims is soooooo cool.....


  71. avatar Sims is soooooo cool.....

    Sims is a cool game……………………………..
    I like so so so so so sooooooo much this game…!!!!!!
    My favorite game is SIMS # LAIGHT NIGHT :X:X:X

  72. avatar Sims is soooooo cool.....

    SIMS 3 LAIGHT NIGHT***********************************

  73. avatar pickle head

    how do u make them fully naked?

  74. avatar Cody

    people – people realy stop b-tching about a patch it just freedom of expersion and for the biblical nut jobs stop winning your not going to change a thing and your looking over the issue here it not about nudity it about censore ship here i mean i dont see anybody realy complaining about movies here just games realy i mean realy? morons

  75. avatar Lilly

    how do u get the game 4 PC ???? Posted 3/23/11

  76. avatar Jay

    Um plus the censor patches ALOT bigger than they were in the Sims2.. They’re just annoying. Its like a barbie..

  77. avatar Cerys

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