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If you know our founder, Colin, and feature editor, James, you’ll know that Australia has a lot more to worry about than Sexy Poker being a little bit too much to handle. Wait, why is this game coming to the Wii anyway? Kind of a strange choice. Either way, hit the jump to see why the OFLC said no on Sexy.

“In the Board’s viewSexy Poker offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play.In the view of the Board, the impact of the game exceeds strong as except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards. As such the game cannot be accommodated in a MA15+ classification.”

Nudity as an incentive? What is their problem? They must have some issues with good looking women. Too bad there is no 18+ category in Australia, as they’ll have to miss out on what potentially could be a mind blowing game.

Source: Destructoid

  1. Mind blowing? While that is a really nice pun, I don’t see it being mind blowing uness we saw a wii sex doll peripheral. lol.

  2. Hopefully next year Australia will get their 18+ rating.

  3. I doubt it Chris, its currently held up in a “public consultation” which gives it at least another few years before anything actually gets done.

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