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Have you ever been playing Knights of the Old Republic and sighed in disappointment as your lightsaber sliced through your opponent without dismemberment?  Or have you ever found yourself plugging away at Mass Effect, wishing your sexual advances on the extraterrestrial Liara weren’t so tastefully represented?  BioWare has you covered, in the sexy bloodiness that is their new trailer.  hit the jump for the video.

“We shall make this last night together something to remember.” Oh no, I’m never going to forget seeing dragons and digital debauchery together set to the soothing melodies of Marilyn Manson.  Who knew BioWare was capable of such brutal barbarism?  Heads hats off to them!

Source: GameTrailers

  1. It looks good, gore wise, but is it just me or are the graphics extremely rough and basic?

  2. @James, I was thinking the same thing about the graphics. But judging from the voice overs and the music it looks pretty awesome. Video games are becoming the new wave of World Cinema.

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