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051609_201200 has just received a scan of the latest Nintendo Power, flaunting a North American release confirmation for the latest Capcom “vs” fighting game for the Wii, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. The title features various anime characters, such as Ken the Eagle (pictured), from Gatchaman, battling all-new Capcom stars like Joe from Viewtiful Joe, and Batsu from Rival Schools.

Tatsunoko is a fan favorite amongst niche Capcom fans, who have already imported the game. The reason behind it’s delayed release is legal troubles with the licensing of certain Tatsunoko characters outside of Japan. Personally, I’ll be buying this in a heartbeat. Hit the jump for a video featuring gameplay.

[Special thanks to the person who submitted the scans to GoNintendo]

  1. Now THIS is good news to come back to. Hot damn.

  2. That just leaks pure insanity in a jar, love it.

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