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PlayStation LifeStyle has released a supposed trailer for Team Ico’s next project titled Project Trico. The trailer follows a young boy and a very large griffin-like creature helping each other overcome obstacles in some sort of temple with the art direction of previous Team Ico games. It looks like a mix of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

There’s no source and information on the game other than “this is very early footage the next game from Team ICO…Some of these elements, such as the main character, or scenarios you see here may not make the final cut.”

It looks too good to be fake, but it is weird seeing a reveal like this just come out of the blue.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

  1. Tradow of the Icossus.

    Haha I don’t know how I feel about combining their only two, original games for this one.

  2. Looks really cool. I like the idea of working together with a huge beast.

    What kind of giraffes do they have where you come from? Do they look like giant rat-dog-birds?

    Calling it: The giant creature sacrifices itself for you at the end and you cry.

  3. 2mins30 just made me feel all warm inside.

    This looks incredible. I’m already in love with that huge furry thing!

  4. I’m anticipating crying at the end of this as well. Of course they will be manly tears!!!!

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