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Yesterday morning we reported that a PS3 Slim is in the works. A lot of people cried “fake”, but a little more information has surfaced to continue to substanciate the rumor that there is indeed a new model of the PS3 coming to light.

A US Gamestop employee was discussing this with a Sony merchandizing representative who said he was surprised that the pictures were “released already”. He quickly dismissed the topic and went on to other things. All of this is still marked as rumor for now. It is without question that if this is true, will most likely find out the first week of June!

Source: IGN

Want the whole scoop on the PS3 Slim? We’ll report it to you as soon as we find out at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo!

  1. Avatar Image Ian

    I hope it’s fake, cause that thing looks AWFUL!!!

  2. It does indeed look awful, but it is a slim, and probably will be cheaper….which is all very nice.

  3. Uhg, very hidious indeed. I prefer the giant one, it looks powerful like it is.

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