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Just last week the entire world was gripped by a short video showing a woman doing lots of running and jumping - from building to street, rooftop to helicopter. Millions of comments and messages flooded the internet, many of which claiming that the clip had to be taken from none other than Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Thankfully, following in the footsteps of other great British investigators such as Sherlock Holmes, Taggart and The Sun newspaper, journalist Jim Sterling took a closer look at the footage and has since urged everybody to stop what they are doing and just watch it again. Hit the jump to see for yourselves this amazing revelation.

    So, there you have it. Ubisoft is without doubt behind the video that, when inspected just a little closer, bears all their hallmarks. Here’s to investigative journalism.

    Source: Destructoid

    1. That was funny stuff. :)

    2. Jim Sterling is my hero.

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