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Why should Nintendo and Sony have all the fun?  Word has been circulating for some time that Microsoft is itching to bust into the handheld gaming market.  Team Xbox has recently reported that the juggernaught company is in the final stages of the new handheld, and it will feature Live Anywhere.  Click continue for more.

The rumored device has been codenamed “xYz,” and will allow users to access the internet, play games, and manage their personal media.  The source says, “Although the Microsoft handheld is definitely a converged device, this is not a Zune Phone.” Microsoft won’t compete with its Windows Mobile customers.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be expected any gigantic Xbox 360 exclusive games to be announces at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year.  Instead, perhaps we should be listening for some earth shaking news about Microsoft’s rumored handheld.

You gotta love that mock up picture, though.  I accidentally hit the “Xbox Guide” button enough when it’s in the center of the controller, let alone embedded inside the d-pad.

Source: TeamXbox [via Kotaku]

  1. The hand held market is a tough one to break into. Though a new Microsoft spin on the market could be a cool refreshment.

  2. avatar Jag

    I’d definitely buy that, still waiting for a handheld with two analogue controllers. Infact, I’d buy three of these if they came out, one for me and a couple for my kids..

  3. avatar Mj

    idiots above this isn’t what it would look like.. the image above is photoshopped – that said, if in fact m$ is really releasing a portable you can almost bet it will have dual analogs for sure

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