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There’s nothing like a juicy rumor to get the… well, juices flowing, is there? Sony have constantly denied having a slimline PlayStation 3 in development, much like they denied the existence of a new PSP. Unfortunately for them, much like what has happened with the PSP debacle, photos apparently depicting some form of PS3 Slim prototype have surfaced on a Chinese website. Here we go. Again. Hit the jump to see more shots for yourselves.


Interesting new font there. Perhaps the last was a little too… Spiderman, afterall? Look at that date, just look at it: 2009. Current.


Yep, it’s certainly rather slim.


Translation: USB.


You won’t find this box in stores, guys. Yet.

Head over to the Gamer Limit forums and get talking about this possible confirmation.

Source: Kotaku

  1. avatar Jack

    Assuming these are legit – and it’s cheaper than the PS3 Fat, as it shall now be known – I’d probably pick one of these guys up.

  2. That looks like utter crap. I hope it’s fake.

  3. I agree. It looks ugly compared to the current one.

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