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A recent report from ThatVideoGameBlog has sparked the rumor that the inevitable 7th Call Of Duty game will be traveling past World War 2 (about time!) and to a much more… relaxed time in a not-so-relaxed place.

TVGB reported that, ”’A source we consider reliable”, has told them that Activision is looking to get the licenses for music from the Vietnam era, Soviet Union, African and Cuban music. It has also been reported that Noah Heller (senior producer) who was heavily involved in the tension between the two studios (Treyarch and Infinity Ward) will be working on the game.

Heller was quoted last year saying,

I’m sure game companies will be making World War II games for years to come and World War II is a very classic war. But we’re happy that we put the war to bed.”

So, Modern Warfare 2 will be releasing later this year and CoD 7 will be on the tail end of that. Right now its anyone’s guess when the swapping of the license will finally rest in the hands of only one team. We can be sure however, that there is definitely time enough for both studios to go at each other once again.

  1. Woah Woah Woah. Slow down guys. Anyways. Aren’t their only choices pretty much Korea, Vietnam, or the future?

    • avatar not telling

      i would say the ongoing fuding between south and north korea causes a war 2 break out russia the nosey barstards join in a wreak havoc and hell breaks lose nuclear wise

  2. basically. unless they…wait for it…be original! why not explore a timeline where the Cold War did not remain cold, it heated up into world war 3? me thinks its time to learn how to develop games.

  3. Can’t people think up their own stories? Then do it without involving aliens?

  4. Haha I love skipping over multiple franchise titles.

    Forget Bioshock 3! Bioshock 4 takes place in an alternate bizarro-Rapture!

  5. Oh those bunch of silly gooses.

  6. avatar zr122

    Actually, it will be Call of Duty 5. World at War was not numbered, and Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to CoD 4. The next CoD game to come out after MW2 will be CoD 5 unless it has a different sub-name.

  7. I would like to see a COD game set in the Bronze Age. It could have bows and spears, and maybe even have a melee combat system. I know it would be totally away from the COD series, but it would be awesome to throw a spear and impale some guy in the face…Or groin. And who better to do it than Infinity Ward?

  8. avatar ender_live loser



  9. avatar CoDGuy


    yea….but no

  10. avatar solar


  11. avatar David

    CoD was meant to be a realistic war game, so why would they make up a war?
    How about they make up energyshields and aliens and super soldiers so we dont have to play this realistic bullshit anymore.

  12. avatar chuck

    good mornin vietnamm , i love it m1 gerands and m16s in the same game pretty tight jungle warfare with urban siagon fights tight also i would like to c personally a all european front like band of brothers or savin private ryan. i hate switching people i want a strait american vs nazi germany game with fights in the fields as well a big scale city street fire fight

  13. avatar chuck

    cod style

    and where is the america boards in mwf2 in multiplayer hopefully on the dlc coming in spring time 2010 team deathmatch at the wiskey hotel oh yeah that would be dope

  14. avatar chris

    how bout a pacific front featuring the united states marines kicking the shit out of some slanty eyed japs capped off by the devestation of hiroshima and the box cover should be three marines raising their flag atop mt suribachi,,,and in agree about switching characters who wants to be a snaggle tooth lymie we left that country for a reason

  15. avatar James

    cod is drifting off of realism to some random futureistic storyline yess afghanistan is a real war but america and russia isnt it could happen but the odds are against it keep it simple world war 2 vietnam maybe even world war 1… But no laser rifles and all that crap

  16. avatar nobody

    hey i guess the game is drifting a bit but as thy z above russia and america could fall out and end in world war 3 but i c what u r getting at

  17. avatar a total noob

    i bet u wrote both of them ureself

  18. avatar moderator

    Leave more replies plz

  19. avatar announcer

    hello ladies and gentlemen call of duty 7 is coming out in september 7th save up your birthday money cause here it comes!

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