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Hate it or love it, the survival horror game Dead Space released to widespread critical acclaim last year. Naturally, it would be a waste for Electronic Arts to not follow up with a sequel, right?

Well, as it should happen, while a sequel hasn’t been officially announced, maybe the wait isn’t going to be all that long.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, an internet resume was posted online. In this resume, there was a mention that the person in question was “Currently working on ‘Dante’s Inferno, a fantasy based game and ‘Deadspace 2‘, the second installment of last year’s critically acclaimed sci-fi horror game by Electronic Arts.

While some may believe that this is simply a reference to the prequel, Dead Space: Extraction for the Nintendo Wii, some sleuthing on my part has revealed something: After finding the resume in question on the internet, the mention of Dead Space 2 has been removed (out of respect to the person in question, I’ll not reveal where to find the page). Was it removed to clear confusion, or to honor a non-disclosure agreement?

Thanks to GamerLimit community member Wido for the tip! Be sure to send in any news tips to tips(@)!

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

  1. Very cool! The more I recall my experience with Dead Space, I find myself urged to replay it.

  2. I still need to play the first one…
    I’ve heard too many mixed reviews to decide what to do about it…
    This is why I don’t read reviews unless it’s a game I either A. Plan on buying anyway. B. Already have. C. Don’t plan on actually purchasing to play. Unless I somehow get it for free, then I’ll play it due to having it anyway.

  3. lol I guess it’s cool now for games to be “accidentally” announced :p

  4. avatar Wido

    Haha, no problem for the tip :) I shall indeed in future post any more juicy news I stumble across and a.s.a.p email you the gossip.

    Still need to play Dead Space, so I might download the demo later to see what the game has to offer.

  5. get involved, its really good

  6. avatar jake

    dead space is my favourite game. it is so good eveeryone should buy it or at least hire it!

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