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Beyond Good & Evil is a legendary game, with a huge fanbase the sequel is highly anticipated, however all we’ve had until now are a couple of screenshots and little information regarding the game itself. However some video of a game has been floating around the Internet, could this be Beyond Good & Evil 2?

It looks like Beyond Good & Evil, It looks like Jade, this smells like good info. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this is leaked footage from E3. Although I guess we’ll have to wait until next month to find out. Hold your breath.

  1. If that’s a video of the game play then all I have to say is wow.

  2. I think I’m in love~

  3. I thought this was far beyond rumor by now? Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure I’ve already seen that before.

  4. God that looks absolutely awesome, I do assume its a cinematic though.

  5. Anybody else get a serious Mirror’s Edge vibe from that video? It was gorgeous too! It looks like they mo-capped the entire thing!

  6. I just hope it has lots of piggies!!!

  7. avatar Eleazar

    Love how people think these hakercs are the good guys. Until they steal your information. Oh but it’s for the good of a cause bullshit. They’re dicking around on the internet like it’s their playground, and using their unrepentant anger in all of their lulz to justify the wrong. Besides, with hakercs like this, the internet will change and freedom of information will be different. The trolls have already shown us that they want a more secure, government sanctioned internet, where we can’t be free to do what we want, thanks to groups like Lulzsec and Anonops. The more chaos you make the more rules people want to put in place.

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