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Avatar ImageRolando 2 Trailer
By: | May 7th, 2009
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A previous edition of ”Read, Download, Play” reviewed the now popular iPhone game Rolando. With developer ngmoco releasing a new trailer today Rolando 2 looks like its more Rolando and in 3D, and well.. that’s just awesome.

New 3D art style, more levels and prettier graphics is exactly what Rolando 2 needs to be. The original Rolando was persecuted for being a Loco Roco clone and with the recent success of Little Big Planet it seems apparent that the criticism is going to keep coming.  Regardless of the art style if Rolando 2 plays like its predecessor rolling those little balls across lava pits is going to be as fun as ever.

  1. I really like the crisp, simple graphical style.

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