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Who was excited for Alan Wake way back in 2005, when it was first announced? This news writer admits that he’d never heard of it until 2007…after which he’d never heard of it again. Still, the strange thriller about a journalist who kills monsters with flashlights sounded pretty intense.

Still, the game’s future looked grim after a while, having been announced in 2005, but still not having been released. Thankfully, things are looking up for Mr. Wake; developed Remedy Games has just made an announcement that signifies good tidings for Alan.

It was announced recently that Remedy Games is teaming up with Imagination Studios to help with the game’s motion-capture and animations. Lasse Seppänen, Producer for Alan Wake, says:

“It is with great pleasure that we can recommend Imagination Studios. Remedy has been extremely pleased with their co-operation and devotion in bringing the characters of Alan Wake to life.”

Thus, the game is now one step closer to seeing the light of day, no pun intended. So? Are you excited? Or, have you even heard of Alan Wake, the in-production thriller being developed by the same team that brought you Max Payne? If you haven’t, there hasn’t been a better time to go do some homework!

Source: Develop

  1. He’s bezzie mates with Duke Nukem is Alan Wake!!

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