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If you thought Capcom had recently released and announced more Resident Evil than you could possibly handle, well…you’re probably right. Even so, Capcom’s recent announcement shows no signs of slowing down the barrage.

Even though the original Resident Evil has seen a souped up new Gamecube remake, not to mention an upcoming re-release of said remake, that doesn’t seem to cut it for Capcom, as they’ve announced yet another port of the old classic.

And when I say old, I mean it: Capcom’s Resident Evil ‘marketing dude’, Matt Dahlgren just announced on Capcom-Unity that Resident Evil: Director’s Cut will be reaching the Playstation Network download service for $10 USD on May 28th.

Released a year after the original version, RE: Director’s Cut features the original game, as well as an ‘arranged’ mode which changes the locations of enemies, items, and even camera placement. There’s also a ‘beginner’ mode which makes more ammunition available to the player.

Since the original version and the ‘arrange’ version are different experiences from the Gamecube remake, this re-release is more than just a simple rehash of the first RE installment, but instead, a way to enjoy the original game over and over again.

…Not to mention, a nice way for you to play the original game on your PS3.

Source: Capcom-Unity

  1. Japan has had RE1, 2, and 3 for months now. Sometimes, I log into the marketplace just to look at them.

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