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What’s that?  You thought that cellular devices only caused brain tumors?  No, there’s also a T-virus outbreak risk.  At least there’s a risk if you’re using the iPhone, or its little cousin the iPod touch.  The virus comes in the form of a video game adaptation of Capcom’s Resident Evil: Degeneration CG movie.  Click continue for details about the game.

RE: Degeneration is controlled via an onscreen d-pad, familiar to anyone who’s played home made games on the portable device.  The protagonist is once again ex-RPG officer Leon S. Kennedy, accompanied by Claire Redfield, both of Raccoon City fame.  Using an over the shoulder, laser sighted aiming mechanic, Leon will dispatch the undead in an infected airport.

The game looks like a late PlayStation title, sporting solid graphics and fluid animation.  RE: Degeneration even takes advantage of the device’s accelerometer, allowing yout to shake off those pesky zombies.

If you’re itching for some old fashioned ghoul busting, then fire up the iTunes application store and throw down $6.99 for Resident Evil: Degeneration.

  1. Man, the iPhone is becoming a gaming handheld.

  2. Yes! Another reason to get a waste of money that you can waste your time on that is called the iphone..not iappholder ..or igame …iphone.
    And yet phone is what it’s used and advertised least as

  3. Sounds pretty cool. For $7.00 though, I hope the game is longer than an hour or two.

  4. I hate the iphone. It’s useless as far as I can tell. Apple are just trying to muscle in on the gaming market. No iphone game will ever be a must buy, jawdropping title.

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