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Rockstar Games have released a rather cinematic trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title, Red Dead Redemption. Typical of Rockstar’s knack for building a sense of drama and intrigue within their teasers – Grand Theft Auto IV being a prime example – this clip showcases gunfights from both train carriages and horseback, grand theft horse and cart and family life on the prairie. Meanwhile, it’s all pulled together with some stellar voiceover work from our Clint Eastwood-esque protagonist, who appears to be named Mr. Marshall.

Hit the jump for the goods (the bads and the uglies).

It must be said, this is looking like quite a game. There is something about the way Rockstar goes about making its trailers that always gets me. What do you guys think?

Source: Rockstar Games

  1. I have faith in this follow up. I think that it’s time for a truly great Western game.

  2. avatar uyuyuy

    rockstar is the best doing sandbox games…the first was good so i know this will be a western game master piece!

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