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Prior editions of ”Read, Download, Play” have covered short and sweet iPhone game reviews. With the app store producing more and more quality apps, with big names behind them, we are now going to take a look at and  up coming iPhone game being developed by a major studio.

Mass Effect was a huge hit for the Xbox 360 and the announcement of Mass Effect 2 being multi platform the last place we expected was that a Mass Effect predecessor was coming to iPhone. Joystiq got to take a look at the recently announced Mass Effect spin off. Telling the story of Jacob ‘Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story‘. The game is said to fill in some back story for the upcoming  Mass Effect 2. A single player campaign spanning roughly 2 hours which is surprisingly long for an iPhone game will. Controlling Jacob (a ”biotic powered super soldier”) appears to be simple touch and shoot mechanic. Accompanied with a stylish cartoon art style, and no sign of onscreen buttons it appears that EA has begun to realise the strengths of the iPhone.

Mass Effect: Jacobs Story

The handheld market is rapidly expanding and with so many Nintendo Ds’s, PSP’s and now iPhone and iPod touch devices its going to be no surprise that this portable Mass Effect will be spreading to other handhelds.

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