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Avatar ImagePSP Go leaks before E3
By: | May 30th, 2009
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Following several rumours that Sony have big plans to unveil a successor to the mighty PSP at this years E3 conference, it seems that we finally have confirmation after an apparent leaked video spilled onto the internet today, just days before E3.

Welcome to PSP Go, Sony’s latest dive into the handheld gaming market.

Full details with the leaked video can be found after the break.

Watching the video, sourced from an apparent upcoming Quore episode, reveals that the new PSP will come with 16GB of internal flash memory, built in bluetooth and an undisclosed memory slot, with a projected release for this winter. Intriguingly, the PSP 3000, the last iteration of the original PSP, will not be discontinued, with PSP Go being marketed alongside it.

Of course, much more information will be revealed at E3 in a matter of days, but for now feast your eyes on the first glimpse of PSP Go from the leaked video:


Source: Engadget

  1. The 16GB flash memory is the only good thing. However, theres no other point to release a new PSP. Especially with this crappy looking model…. :\

    Btw, the video has been removed.

  2. So no second joysick or major hardware changes?
    I like the look but I think the pirates will sink this ships aswell

  3. If they could get away with it, I would have just preferred the name “PSP-Lite”.

  4. On reflection, I’m a little confused as to whether this is actually a new console or just a redesign?

  5. They could have called it the PSPoo.

  6. @Martin
    It’s specifically intended as a redesign, that’s why I commented it should be the PSP “Lite”: like the DS Lite, it’s not a new handheld.

  7. I agree, it is quite misleading. The rumours were indicating that Sony would be unveiling the official “PSP 2.” But then this is the first significant redesign so perhaps it is to be perceived as the official successor?

  8. I don’t think its supposed to be a successor, more of an alternative way of doing things.

  9. I don’t the where the analog nub is located; looks pretty uncomfortable. I wonder if the whole PSP library will be available for download via PSN.

  10. I’m not exactly impressed with this. All the games I now own I can play on it. 16 GB of memory will fill with less than 10 digital games. Theres no dual analog. Not to mention is ugly as sin and has a smaller screen. No thanks Sony, I’ll stay with my PSP-1000 model until you give me that second analog stick.

  11. That should read “all the games I now own I can’t play on it”

  12. avatar Jake

    I agree with you Christopher, I’ll stick with my PSP2000. If you have time guys, please visit for a chance of winning 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold by giving name for their Pig. See you there.

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