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Sony is in the process of launching a new service that will allow PlayStation 3 owners to stream an endless amount of music videos for free. The utility, known as VidZone, will appear within the system’s XMB menu this summer and is set to apparently include thousands of products. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer.

It is claimed that a handful of major record labels and thousands of independent ones are on board, each providing videos that can be watched at one’s own leisure. The ability to compile playlists and view them whenever you want is coupled with the fact that users will also be able to create and play these playlists on their PSP via a stream from the PS3.

VidZone CTO Michael Russo says we can expect “one of the world’s largest collection of music videos, allowing consumers to stream what they want, when they want it.”

    Source: Destructoid and Youtube

    1. Wait… people still make Music Videos? If only there were some sort of TV channel to watch these all on. Oh, bother…

    2. I guess if the service is free and it works, then there is not much to criticize. But overall I feel pretty ‘meh’ towards this new feature.

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