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Flying, laser eyes, weather control, telepathy, magnetic manipulation.  These are just a few of the abilities that mutants of the X-Men universe possess.  Each is more fantastical than the last, but not every X-Men has flashy powers.  In fact, one mutant I know of is nothing more than a walking blob of Jell-O, absorbing bullets and self repairing injuries effortlessly.  What’s more, inside that infallible husk of flesh is a skeleton the same as yours and mine, only it’s made of the hardest stuff on earth; adamantium.  Wolverine’s durability isn’t exactly the most glamorous super power, but it isn’t his mutant condition that sets him apart from all others.  It’s his unabated rage.

Logan curses to himself as he pulls himself out of a snow bank and to his feet.  The bloody claw wounds in his stomach are reminders of his vengeance towards Victor Creed.  Pursuing the malevolent mutant, Logan bounds towards the edge of the cliff he had last seen Creed leap off of.  No way across the long chasm is visible, and a handful armed guards take potshots at the wounded mutant as they climb the precipice, chained together by a single tether.  The muscle and sinew of his stomach may have stitched themselves back together already, but Logan still feels a deep burn in his gut.  Unbridled hunger to get even with Creed gnaws from within.  The snow crunches beneath Logan’s boots as he picks up the pace and lunges off the edge of the cliff.  Propelled only by his insatiable lust for Creed’s head, Wolverine rockets through the sky towards the opposing cliff face.  His lunge falls short and he plummets towards the armed ascendants.  “Snikt, snikt!”  Logan’s adamantium claws unsheathe from his fists as they make purchase in the back of one of the mountain climbers.  Wolverine then roars a blood curdling cry above the screams of his enemies.  He performs leap frog lacerations from soldier to soldier, using their suspended bodies to reach the top of cliff and continue his pursuit of Creed.



Wolverine has always been a prime candidate for video game conversion.  Sporting the mutant ability of regeneration, he is able to take multiple hits without forcing the player to face a continue screen.  His adamantium claws are the perfect weapons, making melee combat intense and fresh.  However, up until X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the mutton-chopped berserker has had mixed results in the virtual realm.  Little did we know the true empowerment of becoming Wolverine lay not in his claws or regeneration, but in his ability to lunge across the state of Rhode Island.

In Wolverine, you obtain the “lunge” ability very early on.  It’s suggested to be used as compensation for Logan’s lack of ranged attacks.  Why not make yourself the projectile rather than fiddling with cumbersome firearms?  When the player is being pelted by pesky assault rifle rounds from across the room, simply pressing a couple shoulder buttons will cause Wolverine to sail through the air blades akimbo.  He then firmly sinks his claws into whatever he’s looking to dismember, allowing the player to fluidly continue their combo.

The last image hundreds of soldiers will ever see

The last image hundreds of soldiers will ever see

Lunging becomes even more versatile when used as crowd control on an unruly group of guards.  Leaping from enemy to enemy, Wolverine sails through the air like a bladed bumble bee visiting ripe flowers.  Flowers that bleed and clutch their stumpy appendages as they are severed without mercy.

Distance is not an issue with Wolverine.  Need to take down that pesky helicopter in the distance?  He’s only one lunge away from busting out the windshield and forcing the pilots head into the bird’s blades.  Logan can be a mere three feet from an armed soldier and still pounce on them with all the force of a meteorite.  There is virtually nothing that can get between the clawed catastrophe and his prey.  Even hulking beasts will have their vulnerable backs lunged upon and shredded to bits by the adamantium annoyance.

You didn't think Wolverines could fly?  He's the best at what he does; anything

You didn't think Wolverines could fly? He's the best at what he does; anything

The lunge ability in Wolverine is so overpowered that you may find enemies unable to stand after the initial pounce.  Even when facing off against stronger enemies, they’ll spend most of their time on their backs while Wolverine whittles away at their chest like he’s carving a turkey on Thanksgiving.  The only drawback to the lunge technique is found with the handful of enemies that can intercept or counter Logan’s trademark move.  It takes more than an impeccably timed shotgun blast to stop Wolverine, however, as a couple swipes of the claws will daze any foe and leave them susceptible to another pounce.

In the end, who knew that the secret to unlocking the bad-assery of Wolverine was in his lunge?  Now that this essential power has been solidified in adamantium via X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I’m itching to see it in more games.  Now, if only I could have used lunge on the loud drunk guy in the front row of the theater at the midnight showing of the Wolverine movie.  Then the audience would have actually seen something entertaining.

  1. I’d definitely stay out of the way of Wolverine. It’s pretty sweet that he can basically fly in that game. His lunge attack helps his ability to dominate substantially!

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