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Pokémon Gold & Silver first appeared on the gameboy colour, and are often regarded as the best Pokémon games, due to the fun world of Johto, the great legendary Pokémon and the fact it was the first game to appear in full colour. After the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes, fans of the series clamoured for more. Well Pokéfans, it looks like your prayers have been answered.


As you might expect, the games will be released on the Nintendo DS, what the graphical makeover will look like or whether there will be DSi specific content is unknown, but I’d expect a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum lookalike. Both the titles are set to be released in Japan this fall under the names: Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Thanks for the tip, Scott!

  1. Pokemon gold dominated my friends’ primary school life

  2. remake? really? Can’t we have a big bad new one for Wii?

  3. These are what came after Red/ Blue etc, right? If so, I should maybe give these a shot.

  4. Getting one of these. Screw Platinum I want Silver!

  5. avatar Peter

    Wow. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Too bad Pokemon video game announcements never announced in English until after the game came out in Japan which is stupid. It would be nice if Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver was announced on E3. Other than that, Heart Gold and Soul Silver is gonna rock. Anyway, I wish Japan can share Pokemon cultures with America and Pokemon needs to announce worldwide instead on only announcing in Japan. Stupid Japan. Please share Pokemon cultures to America Japan. Anyway, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver needs to be announced in E3 2009 along with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky announcements. Thank you very much. Pokemon Hear Gold and Soul Silver can make a great fad for people of all ages worldwide by the way. Yeah.

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