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With the announcement earlier this week the Pokémon games of old getting some fancy new remakes, ‘Pokémon Sunday’ has given all the Pokéfans out there a few seconds of gameplay footage and a glimpse of the games art style.

Well…At least its still Pokémon right?

It appears that the art style is going to keep up with the most recent Pokémon games which seems to be a good choice for remaking such monumental games. It would be interesting to see if there was a skin of the original games for us to get all nostalgic over.  Heart Gold and Soul Silver are set for release in Japan later this year for the Nintendo DS.

  1. If this will integrate with Platinum I might get it.

    • avatar Imam

      The ceinoctnon, if you have a good signal, will probably be about 200kbps. You probably have a monthly download limit (which includes streaming video from facebook or a movie/tv site).Other than that, there’s no difference from using that notebook in your house. You’re connected to the same sites, via the same internet, and you can do the same things. Just while you’re on the move. (PLEASE don’t try to access the internet if you’re driving, or talk to the driver about what’s on your screen we’ve already had enough car accidents for all of 2010, and it’s not even Christmas 2009 yet.)

  2. avatar ._.

    Wtf? Why were those Japanese people going all crazy over this? All it showed was the character walking around with a Pokemon following it…You could make your Pokemon do that in the older games, so what’s the fuss?


  3. Epic awesomeness is the fuss.

  4. A few seconds is right. Hardly enough to sink your teeth into.

  5. avatar Francisco

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