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After yet another hiatus, we’re again back to finish what we started sans Chris (due to an illness). But the boys have delivered and covered everything FF, from the movies, to the games and everything in between.

[The Retrocast is on an indefinite hiatus at the moment - we plan on bringing it back in the future, so stay tuned, and enjoy the current episodes!]

Tim, Colin and James cover, to name a few, FF: Mystic Quest, FF Tactics, Advent Children, and more. What can I say, it’s part two. Listen! Subscribe!


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  1. avatar Melbournaize

    Too bad its on hiatus…ah well, at least there’s a few left over still!

  2. avatar Utut203

    Any chance of it coming back?

  3. @Utut203
    Possibly: one of our members was offered a job at a prestigious gaming publication, so that sort of put a kink in the works.

  4. avatar Atariforever

    Come on guys! You can make it back. Do it! :)

  5. avatar Harmik.AU

    Just found this podcast not bad at all I hope you can bring it back. :)

  6. avatar DJ

    You guys really did make a great podcast. It’s a shame you don’t do it anymore.

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