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We’re back on our regularly scheduled programming, and as such the Retrocast is back for another week. For all intensive purposes we have temporarily ripped apart the usual format we usually follow to make this all about Final Fantasy. James, Colin, Tim and Chris are again jostling for audio space as we discuss one of the most popular, contentious, discussed and generally controversial series of games in console history.

Be warned, this episode runs a little long…

…a pretty hefty 1hr 43 mins, about 40 mins above our usual running target. That said, if you’re an FF fan, you won’t want to miss it. As part 1 of 2, we discuss the core Final Fantasy titles, from 1 all the way up to 9, discussing what we liked, what we hated, and whether its worth taking a look back and checking them out. It seems some of us differ on what makes a great FF experience, so expect a few arguments. Aside from that, we discuss what we would consider “retro”, console wise, look back at the original Final Fantasy on NES for our “Retro Hour” and try to stay sane during the epic countdown of fantasy.

Next week will have us continue the discussion, covering some of the spinoffs, with some you might have heard about, and others you probably haven’t. Enjoy!


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  1. avatar Melbournaize

    One of my favorite retro podcast episodes for sure. There’s a lot to say about Final Fantasy!

  2. avatar kekekek

    too little ff9 love…. :(

  3. avatar R0druby

    FF4 was the best

  4. avatar francislouis

    nah, 7 was obviously the best one!

  5. avatar Yonkers1

    I really liked the discussion on VIII!

  6. avatar babodo989


  7. avatar che-sama

    Call me crazy, but I liked FFXII the best.

  8. avatar Syrek

    FFIX all the way!

  9. Everyone’s going to disagree…I can almost promise it…but I think VIII and XII are the best! Of course, I also love VI. I’m not a VII fan.

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