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After a short hiatus due to Colin-based injury, the Retrocast is back for yet another episode, and this time we’ve gone down the Adventure path. Your regular cast of nostalgic heroes are back, including James, Tim, Chris and of course, Colin, and this week our “Retro Hour” covers the little known Zelda-clone “Star Tropics”.

There seemed to be an interesting split between the Australian and American rivals this week, so for more information and episode linkage, hit the jump.

Our delayed ‘cast this week provided a distant memory for our 4 members, the Americans being fans of our feature title, the Australians not – James, well, especially not. Some technical difficulties this week affected the sound and participation of Chris and Tim so excuse the “over Aussie-ness”, but rest assured this will be sorted next week. Aside from Star Tropics, we discuss failed mascots, Lode Runner for the XBLA, what constitutes “adventure” and its close relation to the RPG, and a project involving the first Genesis/Mega Drive release in 20 years. Enjoy!

Note: James references the strange tv commercial for “Toe Jam and Earl” in the podcast. We’ve dug it up for you. It’s truly unique.

Download it the latest episode here.


  1. avatar zetagundam

    what a terrible game!

  2. avatar Melbournaize

    I like the idea of doing one game at a time.

  3. avatar zetagundamisanidiot

    its a classic…i’m glad at least one person on the cast liked it!

  4. avatar Yonkers1

    Best mascot? Probably Mario.

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