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800 MS Points? Yowsers! As a general rule, Microsoft 1st party titles have avoided the whole DLC debacle, but Halo Wars has destroyed the trend! Today the Strategic Options Add-On Pack has come, and what you get does not equal what you pay.

This new pack includes three brand new game modes including:

  • Keep Away – capture the flag style game
  • Tug of War – who can field and maintain the strongest army
  • Reinforcements – adapt your tactics as you are granted waves of troops.

There are no new characters, maps, weapons, enemies, or abilities. We’re essentially paying for capture the flag. What happened to the old 400 Microsoft Points DLC?

If you’re still interested, download it here!

  1. What. The. Hell.
    800 freaking MS points for pretty much pointless content that wears away in minutes?

  2. That’s how much they charge for Dishwasher, and 2 times what Bionic Commando Rearmed is right now. Why buy and add on for that much when you can have an entirely new experience?

  3. avatar Agent ME

    800 points = $10

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