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There are those days when you sit back and reflect on a headline you’ve just typed and wonder: “what the…?”

This is one such occasion that I have looked at a collection of words for a few seconds and tried to make sense of what is going on around me. Is this really something I should be bothering my life with? “Yes” is the answer to that, because sometimes it’s nice to make no sense of something. I can’t make head nor tail of Noby Noby Boy, quite literally. But that’s why I love it so. And, apparently, so do many others – he’s just got to Mars! Hit the jump for a mindf*** of a video.

If you have zero clue what I’m going on about, let me lighten you in an extremely vague manner: you play as BOY, a colourful worm that likes to eat bicycles and people. The more you eat, the further GIRL (another big worm) stretches out into space – the figures are collected globally from everybody playing the game, you see. She already made it to The Moon a little while back, but now she’s made it all the way to Mars.

If you want more on this PSN-only psychedelic extravanganza, check out our glowing review here.

Source: Kotaku

  1. Awesome, remember seeing the old 1up guys talking about it when it had just hit the moon, and they mentioned it was heading to mars next, really intrigued to see how this game will keep growing, will they hit Alpha Centauri?

  2. I think he’d get stuck in the Oort cloud. Lots to eat.

    I haven’t made it past the moon yet. This game is awesome.

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