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It may be just Ken and you for a long time.  Capcom’s Seth Killian has been quoted recently saying that there are no immediate plans to bring new downloadable characters to Street Fighter IV. Hit the jump for more on why it isn’t happening, and what Killian thinks new characters would do to the SFIV community.

“No plans for additional DLC right now. We want the core game to be a completely functional package, and character DLC could split the user-base,” says Killian.

Perhaps they are keeping this tight lipped because Capcom plans on announcing Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition at E3?  Until then, I guess we’ll all have to settle for alternate costumes and maybe a couple new arenas in the future.

Regarding Killian’s comments about new characters polarizing the SFIV community, how would you folks respond?

Source: GamingUnion

  1. The only way it wouldn’t cause a problem is if it were free DLC. Otherwise, it could be a big problem, because it would probably cause a few different scenarios:

    1. If you had the DLC, for example, you wouldn’t be able to play with anyone that didn’t

    2. If you had the DLC and someone didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to play as the new characters, which is frustrating for you

    3. If you had the DLC and someone didn’t, you WOULD be able to play as the new characters…and they wouldn’t. This would be frustrating to them, but not simply because they can’t play as them; but rather, their experience in the matchup is limited to the limited number of people who have the DLC AND play as the new characters on a regular basis…that they can have a reasonably good connection with.

    As for SF4 Championship Edition, I doubt it for E3; there’s only one mystery title left, and that has been confirmed by Capcom to be an action game and NOT a fighter. Besides, they haven’t even released the original version on PC yet. While I’m confident that a SF4 CE will be released, it def won’t be at E3.

  2. @Jamie

    How do you think this differs from having to unlock characters in the SFIV?

  3. In terms of those problems, these are problems encountered all the time in this kind of DLC and they solve it by having two kinds of DLC, Free and Premium, with the premium content allowing the ability to play as the new guys, whereas the free content allows you to play against people with them.

  4. @Tim

    It doesn’t differ at all. The thing is, a lot of people complained about that, too. Unlocking stuff like those icons, titles, the movie cutscenes and stuff is one thing, but having to unlock playable characters is another, and I haven’t spoken to a single person who found that to be fun.

    Case in point: The MvC2 we’re getting to XBox360 and PSN is based off the Dreamcast version, where you had to unlock characters; however, one modification to the source is that they’re making all characters playable from the start.

  5. A lot of the “you have it they don’t” problem is fixed by patching in the DLC characters to everyone, and only allowing use if you buy it. It happens for PC games all the time.

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