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Square Enix has really been diversifying its lineup, seeking to become more than “the Final Fantasy people,” and their current E3 lineup helps prove that. Hidden in that press release is an announcement for what looks like a third-person brawler NIER, developed by Cavia, from whose loins also sprang the Xbox 360 title Bullet Witch and the PS2′s Drakengard.

By the looks of the trailer (which you can see by reading more or visiting the official site), it evokes more Drakengard than Bullet Witch. Channeling Drakengard may not be the best of ideas, but what little is shown of gameplay certainly looks more involved than that game. Dragon riding is yet to be confirmed.

  1. I actually considered popping in Drakengard last night.

  2. Heh, I just bought the original Drakengard about a week ago. 1-Player Hack n’ Slash games are not usually my style, but it was only like six dollars. Might be a long while before I play it, though.

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