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Sit back and relax. Not much to say here other than “here’s another sweet video from the developers of an up and coming MMO”. This time, it shows off Hutta: the homeworld of The Hutts (remember Jabba? I bet you didn’t think he had an entire planet of slug family members).

Who else is holding out for this?

  1. I am good sir, will be the first MMO that will have successfully gotten its hooks in me. I’ve been so good fighting off WoW and the LOTR one, but when I heard about this, i nearly shat my pants with excitement. I cannot wait to kill everyone. Sith all the way

  2. My god. This game is looking really tempting. Could this MMO possibly be the one for me? The flame of WoW died down long ago, but this little beauty looks damned enticing

  3. Eh…
    I never trust MMO’s anymore.
    I stopped deciding if I think it’s good or not until it comes out.

  4. bitchin, hopefully won’t be complete crap

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