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The last Mega Man 2.5D trailer simply showed us the iconic Metal Man stage in Capcom’s hit NES game, Mega Man 2. But now, this project is starting to get very real, and extremely tantalizing. The newest trailer shows Mega Man and Proto Man engaging in CO-OP gameplay.

Prepare to be amazed. Again.

Personally, the co-op reminds me of Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES, but approximately 1 bajillion times better. Any Mega Man fans out there going crazy over this video?

  1. This is looking absolutely brilliant! I just want to know how and when I can get it!

  2. Looks very cool, like Mega Man X7, except fun. It would have been nice to see the 2.5d aspect in conjunction with the co-op, though. The co-op mode stage was pretty strictly 2D in movement. Still, very awesome! I would love to play a MM game like that!

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