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Crimson Gem Saga, an upcoming Atlus developed  RPG for the PSP is sporting a fresh new trailer.  Just in time for its release next week, the new video showcases the game’s breathtaking animation and dynamic battle sequences.  For swords made of lightning and beautifully drawn battle scenes, hit the jump.

The turn-based action looks crisp and frantic as the action packed video above demonstrates.  Sprites move quickly and rack up hundreds of damage points with each turn, and act in unison to power themselves up.

The lynch pin of any self respecting RPG, the story, looks to be receiving special attention with its incredible polished.  Crimson Gem Saga looks like it will perfect the recent RPG trend of basically watching an amazing anime with large chunks of battling and exploring to break it up.

If you’re wishing to add this Gem into your collection, then check start your hunt around May 26th when the game ships.

  1. I become a bigger fan of Atlus with each game they release (with maybe a few exceptions). I’m really starting to feel the need to go out and buy a PSP. Nice trailer! :)

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