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Getting ready for our next set of giveaways is this… a trial competition. In our new set of competitions we will upload a short soundbite, and the first person to guess what game it’s from gets a free… Virtual Cookie.

Listen to the sound bite below.


Know what game it is? Well put your reputation on the line below.

  • Roughly every 24 hours from the post time a new clue will be given.
  • Future giveaways/competitions will have real prizes.

*Edit Since I got pwned on the first song, attempt number 2, Tim’s suggestion.


Terms and Conditions:
1) One entry per household.
2) The virtual cookie is a super lame prize which doesn’t exist outside of a jpg, don’t get too excited.
3) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff

  1. avatar Cedge

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

  2. avatar Cedge

    Heh…I’m looking forward to these! :D

  3. I was gonna say Fable.


  4. There we go. All registered now. Figure I might as well, if I’m gonna try these. :)

  5. So where’s my virtual cookie? ;)

  6. Haha damn that was too quick.
    Yep Cedge wins a cookie, here you go
    I took a bite because I was hungry.

  7. For song 2 – Mega Man… 2? *crosses fingers* We can’t all be as sure as Cedge over there.

  8. oooh yep yep, tis mega man 2.
    What stage? :D

    Damn your speeds are impressive.

  9. avatar Jshepard

    Flash Man?
    Great idea for a competition.

  10. @Colin
    Haha, one of my favorite stages! This will be a newly implemented running contest by the way, so stay tuned :-D

    • avatar Chirag

      erica – love love love girl, amazing!!! Beautiful colpue and unique, just what I love, a colpue who does their own thing, love! Jill was stunning and her dress, was perfect, I loved it! Great photos!

  11. avatar Guy Eshel


  12. Registered now, if that matters :)

  13. Woot go Guy, you are correct :D

    • avatar Alessandro

      Thank you for your comment Peter. This image was taken at Beacon Country Park near Up Holland in Lancashire. It is an eenxllect location for portraits providing plenty of variety for different backgrounds.

  14. I stole Cedge’s cookie…

  15. I don’t even like chocolate chip.

  16. dude the first one was way too easy….

    • avatar Aryanie

      Yes. Seems like a lot of people have a seruios interest in FreeBSD. I think the big wave come when version 8.0 will see the light.Have a nice day TooManySecrets

  17. avatar Franco

    nice comment from one of MotoGPs ncsiet guys, Colin Edwards he must have felt sad that he could not be at the funeral of Marco and pleased that Vali passed his wished over to Marcos parents.May i state my respect for Marcos family and his girl friend and close friends .he was a superstar in the making, sadly he will not be in a position to reach the heights he was scheduled to reach RIP Marco joining the many other racers who have lost their lives in the sport they loved heaven will be a busy place now!!!

  18. avatar Dina

    I also like to suggest that you cndsioer a hot meal for anyone that is with you all day. It does not have to be steak and salmon but a hot pasta will go a long way with a hard working, hungry vendor!

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