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Have you noticed? As we draw closer towards E3 the news has slowly began to drop off. That means we have a little bit of time to game, and a little bit of time to prepare. Don’t want to leave you, the reader, completely without something to do! That’s why I present to you one of the latest remixes over at OCRemix, Zelda Heineken. This latest remix was made entirely with Heineken bottles.

The creator of this awesome sounding remix detailed his experience, and after reading it you’ll want to head on over to OcRemix and check it out!

“The other day while having the friday beer I came up with a weird idea (as always). Why not make a song totally made up of sounds from a Heineken bottle? So later that evening I went into my studio with a beer, sampled it in all kinds of weird ways. Clapping the bottom (makes for a good and solid bass drum sound), hitting the sides with my nails, a screwdriver and some other stuff.

Then finally to create a melodic instrument with actual tones I sampled the windy sound of blowing into the bottle with different levels of beer in the can (which obviously gives different pitch). I sampled the beer at 5 different levels and at each level I made 4 different distinct sounds (like hard, light, and sustained-note blow). Then some sounds from the cap hitting a table etc.

The sampling sessions gave me 28 samples of Heineken notes (all articulations included) and 25 samples of drum-like sounds from the can, and I was ready to start making some music of it. Well, not yet…actually I had to build the instruments in some sort of sampler and I chose Kontakt 3 since it’s my main sampler and I love all it’s features.

Building the instrument patches took about 2-3 hours and then I arranged a really experimental remix of Zelda with the sounds…creazy stuff!”
I wish I were that creative, don’t you?

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