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I’m so excited to let everyone know some exciting tidbits involving Modern Warfare 2 and its story. However, due to the fact that there are people who do not want anything spoiled for them I’ll throw in this information after the break.

SOAP IS BACK! Yes, that’s right, John “Soap” McTavish returns in Modern Warfare 2 as an NPC. Taking the leadership role this time, he is the leader of an international group called Task Force 141. The magazine says that “[Modern Warfare 2] continues the narrative begun in Modern Warfare, with the world facing dangerous political instability in Russia.” A Russian terrorist group that is trying to take the troubled country of Russia’s weapons stockpile. Makarov, the leader of that group, also happens to be an associate of Zakhaev, the man responsible for the first games’ nuclear attack.

Jason West, president and CTO of Infinity Ward, states, “The gameplay is wide open and has a lot of variety. In terms of the story… well, any good story is on rails.” He figured that in the end, the campaign will at least be as long as the first title.

A few other details include using ice picks to go over the mountains, along with snow mobile chases, and other major differences from the first game. The bad part? No co-op. West explains, “We did a lot of co-op stuff early on that we were interested in, [but] it didn’t work with the story mode at all.”

You take the good with the bad.

Source: 1Up

  1. Sounds cool. I won’t lie though, I definitely didn’t play COD 4 for the story. ;D

  2. True, but…still…I LOVE SOAP!

  3. Even though “Call of Duty” is nixed from the title of the game, it wouldn’t be Call of Duty game without Soap. He’s nostalgic!

  4. Soap FTW! Did somebody say snowmobiles?

  5. Call Of Duty is overrated. :|

  6. avatar guy

    soap soap soap Soap SOAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. avatar Slipknot Rcoks

    can hardly wait for this to come out

  8. avatar Brizko

    Don’t drop the SOAP or he’ll kill you!

  9. avatar Hitman

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Rocks and I am so happy that Soap is back. Only question is “is modern warfare 2 available for PC?

  10. avatar Hitman

    Rossi dude COD 4 is not overrated. I finished that game like 10 times and still i wanna play that game. The weapons, the reality is awesome. I bet no shooting game even come close to COD 4. And COD 4 part 2 is even better. Watch the demo and see what it has to deliver.

  11. avatar BIG D

    soap is shit captin price is best then gaz but gaz is definitely dead

  12. avatar potage

    im sure soap is gonna die in this game

  13. avatar person

    sounds cool

  14. avatar Stephen


  15. avatar keownzy9


  16. avatar jeremyh..

    i have a feeling soap is gunna die.. D:
    SOAP aint shit… but then again cpt. price is cool too :D
    Did price die?

  17. avatar da man

    so, can u play as soap?

  18. avatar Loo10ant Mike

    dude ive beatin COD4 like 20 times and can play it prolly 20 more times its amazing lloking forward to part 2!!!
    Viva la Soap!!

  19. avatar craig robinson

    cod 4 is the best

  20. avatar craig robinson

    cod 4 is the best i cant wait till nexts yaer

  21. avatar craig robinson

    fuk you

  22. avatar blazen33

    I love soap but i hate that Sgt.Griggs died. he was awesome. cod 4 rocks and part 2 will be like heaven for war dogs. xbox 360 rocks

  23. avatar marine_guy

    ya it was cool….a little unaccurate tho. there where no lance corprals which pretty much run the marine corps infantry. ssgt griggs should not have had a m249 lol that is def a senoir lance corprals job and maybe at most a corprals. there where way to many privates on the marine side. if u arent promoted to pfc before u get outa school of infantry then there is a major problem lol but other than that it was cool. to bad u cant get behind a m2 .50 cal machine gun. but ya still pretty sweat.

  24. avatar creater of call of duty

    were working on a project for modern warfare2 to run on computer, its just it would probly take a super computer. have a great time out there and hope you buy our products.

  25. avatar Liam

    Tbh I loved all the code especialy cod4 but omg no coop? That a lil shitty….Love soap!!!!!

  26. avatar mark

    ney1 with psn add me : mark852

    im a pretty good player !!

  27. avatar hamad

    captain price is also back, ive got the game!!

  28. avatar peter

    hi. can i use the modern warfare 2 image for a university project. this image will not be used commercially and if for aducational purposes only

  29. avatar Mayrujaan

    the story is…………….k……………..but da game is rock

  30. avatar David

    Bestie and hard to understand campaign

  31. avatar Radu

    I think this game is not over… 1.America was destroyed and at the final american mission the soldiers didn t enjoyed the victory so I think it is not over. 2.Makarov wasn t killed… but, instead Sheperd was killed. Then Nicolai took Soap and Price in the hel, and this was all… IF I HAVE MISTAKED, CAN SOMEONE BRING ME OUT OF FOG???!!

  32. avatar Radu

    helli, not hel, sorry

  33. avatar stalker

    America wasn ‘t exactly destroyed, only the East Coast. And truly, Sheperd was killed (he deserved it)

  34. avatar Y3AHHHHH B0Y

    this game roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oh yea!!!

  35. avatar Sequel!

    Just completed the campaign and I’ll have to say that it’s putting up for another sequel. Nicolai and Price taking Soap to the chopper with Nicolai saying “I know a place.”

    Please give us a sequel!

  36. avatar XcL

    i hope there will be the next mw..since makarov wasn’t eliminated..but there are no information about price or soap take the sdmc from shepherd..then what ghost and roach died for? america wasn’t destroyed..thanks to price fast thinking..instead of abort the slmb from destroying d.c. he cracked it to blow at the atmosphere and destroyed the space station,the emp storm help the rangers taking over d.c from russian which directly prevents the carpet bomb mission and destroy d.c the way what about the museum? it is more like a tribute to them right? and one more thing..who the hell are the character that we control at that museum? :D

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