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I am almost always guaranteed to pre-order a game from a certain company if their is some sort of preorder bonus available. A highly anticipated title, like Modern Warfare 2 has to be an awesome bonus. As many people as will purchase this game, you would think that they’d actually give is something really awesome!

A poster. Yes, Gamestop’s preorder bonus for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is none other than a poster. Dissapointing, isn’t it? Ah well, maybe somewhere else will have a better bonus. Head on over to Gamestop’s website to preorder, or head on down to your local store. I’m sure everyone will be just clamoring to preorder for a poster. I’m going to go cry now.

Source: Gamestop

  1. I preordered online.


  2. :-) Go Adam!

    The game will rock, I just hate when they insult us with crappy pre-order bonuses.

  3. Are you buying the game FOR THE GAME, or the bonus.

  4. A poster? That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  5. >.>
    Why does it need to have a bonus.
    Why can’t it go back to where all you did was buy the game. Not the nicknacks you will just lose somewhere under your couch or in your closet within the first month?

  6. avatar David N

    But then.. its nice betting something extra for preordering.. im just going to wait and see if amazon will give something for a preorder… if not, im just going to buy it on the day it comes out or something

  7. avatar Russ

    It’s not a bonus for the game, it’s a bonus to pre-order. I expect to see a better pre-order bonus be revealed later this summer, so hold out.
    Pre-ordering is like giving the retailer a loan and a commitment to buy from them, so make sure you care enough about the value of the bonus to warrant the amount.

  8. avatar Alex

    My friend pre-ordered it and the guy at Game Stop said you get 4 bonus maps, 2 guns of your choice at the start and of course, the Poster

  9. avatar Justin

    Only getting a poster makes sense. Do you know how many people will pre-order this game? Too many to be giving out anything other than paper with a picture on it :P

  10. avatar HaVoK216

    Who cares what the bonus is! Its Modern Warfare 2! Just having the game is gonna be a bonus… :D I preordered! :D

  11. I was hoping for exclusive gun or like an already gold gun or somthing

  12. avatar Chaco007

    Actually…I asked the in-store helper at GameStop and he said when pre-ordering MW2 you get 4 Bonus Maps,a signed poster, and two exclusive guns not available without pre-ordering. I asked how he knew, and he replied “Welcome to GameStop”

  13. avatar Luke

    I dont really care about the pre-order bonus. A poster means nothing. You get the game(which looks AWESOME) and thats all that matters

  14. avatar Anonymous

    um like what if you preordered at best buy

  15. avatar Blair

    This is a confirmation. I recieved word from a Gamestop employee that was technically a secret within the company that isn”t official yet. And that is that if you preorder the game, you will recieve a high level multiplayer gun that you would usually not get until level 50 to 55. This is technically just a rumor, however the Gamestop employee claimed they did this for all of the Call of Duty games if you preordered it. So if you don’t know yet if you want to preorder it, do it. It could be a big advantage in multiplayer.

  16. avatar dan

    a gamestop employee told me about the gun as well.

    however, he tried to tell me that if you didn’t preorder at gamestop, you couldn’t get the gun. that sneaky asshole.

  17. avatar David Mc

    In gamestop in Ireland we don’t even get a poster. What a bitch. Oh well the games gonna be brill

  18. avatar Andrew

    I hate pre-order bonuses that actually give you an advantage in the game, that seem immoral somehow. I prefer random toy-like things or maps and character skins

  19. avatar Diego

    i always hear about people getting bad ass bonuses for pre-ordering, and since this is gonna be such a big game i thought it would hava a bad ass bonus too, but now im pissed off aacuse i just get a crappy ass poster.

  20. avatar tinkledrinker

    i was walking my way down to the local cat house to rape some poor sluts asshole, and give her herpes when i saw a gamestop and decided to spend my 80 bucks on something more healthy…. I PREORDERED.

  21. avatar Trekster_gamer

    I don’t care if there is a bonus or not just GIVE ME THE GAME!
    Too be honest I have looked around and Iw ould not mind getting a 10.00 gift card from Walmart when I pre-order. It’s like getting it for 49.99 so that is a Bonus in my book!

    and BTW
    your comments prove you are a scumbag who needs his ass kicked and then his nuts fed to him for supper….

  22. avatar Mikheal

    ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! ObAmA! I’am not preordering.

  23. avatar Buck Fush

    First off Mikheal seems like a very informed person Go Obama! secondly I am disappointed by this poster news i was hoping for golden gun :(

  24. avatar XBL GAMERTAG: DC317

    i asked the manager at the gamestop near me, and he said that he heard there would be another bonus besides the poster, i asked him what it would be and he told me that it was either going to be a early perk or gun.

  25. avatar Adam

    Hey, article author. You’re a moron. The fact that Modern Warfare 2 is going to sell a metric fuckton with or without a preorder bonus is the reason that the preorder bonus is so shitty. They don’t /need/ to offer a preorder bonus. The game is gonna sell.

    You dumb fuck.

  26. avatar Mitch

    Adam, I pretty much agree with your point but what are you so angry about you could just give your opinion without insulting somebody, your post was just disrespectful and not cool.

  27. avatar andrew

    you guys there codes on the back for early gun axcess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Trolle

      Is there a way to preorder a sgiend copy and have it sent to Stockholm, Sweden? Do you know of any place who could help me with that? Don’t think one get sgiend ones at Amazon. Had already planned to get it for mom when you mentioned it here now. My mom is an advanced lady with style. Not that her age has anything to do with it. She has always had advanced style :) To give her your book would be perfect. Thanks so much for a lovely blog! And the whole idea itself – a tribute to all the loveley and strong ladies who carry themselves so beautifully through life. /Sofia

  28. avatar GameStopInsider

    yo guys the thing is when you pre-order you get 3 exclusive guns of your choice,4 maps, and the poster…. and some other things i might mention a little closer to the release date…. im the manager for our gamestop in New york so yeah thats what they told us so far….

  29. avatar ME

    yeah thats what they told us at ours!!!

  30. avatar GameStopInsider....

    I’m just joking guys i really dont know too much i think its the guns maps and the poster but if theres more then we dont know about it yet…

  31. avatar Bitch

    The game is gonna be fuckin bad ass so i dont need no bonus, but they told me it was a couple maps a extra gun

  32. avatar Clugg

    Why a golden gun? Every game I have ever gotten a golden gun in has done more harm than good. They have the same stats as the un-golden version, and worst of all they just draw attention to you. They’re horrible! I really don’t care about the pre-order bonus. Fact of the matter is, if you pre-order you get it earlier and you have a reserved copy. That is why you pre-order.

  33. avatar Tony

    i hear you get a gun in my towns pre order bouns…Its suppost to be a golden automatic with a silincer and red dot site..idk if its true but i hear it alot.

  34. avatar Tony

    i have heard that they will give you maps i live in michigan and i know there giving a golden gun

  35. avatar Mr. Cool

    Well they should give me the game now that would be the best preorder bonus ever! Also bananas are a great source of Potacium =)

  36. avatar Pat

    I’ve also heard u get a card to enter to xbox live where u can get double exp for the first week or two plus the gun. Didn’t hear anything about extra maps….

  37. avatar John

    this game is cod 4 all over agein buy Halo OSDT instead P.S. oBAMA ObAMA OBaMA OBAmA OBAMa OBAMA!

  38. avatar George W Bush

    I hate Obama!

  39. avatar John McCain

    Yea I hate Obama too!

  40. avatar the mysterious person of wich you do not know

    i preordered because of the game not the crappy bonus if you want the game preorder or it’ll be gone in a few minutes at the stores. you guys are horrible gamers

  41. avatar the mysterious person of wich you do not know

    a hoooooooollllllllllleeeeeeeeesssssss unless you pre ordered for the game youre a fag

  42. avatar the mysterious person of wich you do not know

    i spelt it backwards for all you gafs with seeing problems

  43. avatar Barack Obama

    You guys just haite me casue ima black man!

  44. avatar Joe Biden

    TI mentioned me in his song! And i quote ” I want Joe ‘Bidy’, need Joe ‘Bidy’, long as you got me you won’t need Joe ‘Bidy’”. Ignore the third mention.

  45. avatar shadowblade

    u get a poster , gamer pics or a montser

  46. avatar MW2überGÄMÊR


  47. avatar shadowblade

    restnom a ro scip remag , retsop a teg u

  48. avatar claudia

    question…getting this for my boyfriend, but dont know what the difference is between the standard, hardened or prestige? does it really matter? and which store is offering the best best deals??

  49. avatar Shane

    standard is the game…..hardened is the game, an art book, a token to download the original CoD, and I think something else….prestige includes everything hardened includes plus a set of real night vision goggles and an individually numbered head to display them on when they’re not in use…..although i don’t know why they would ever not be in use

  50. avatar Hector

    @Shane uhhh maybe when its not dark? Just sayin…

  51. avatar jonson brot

    I recently asked the same question. I heard you get 4 maps, a bonus gun with all add ons, a perk and a poster. I don’t know why but someone said you get goggles? I think thats hardcore addition? I don’t know about you guys but I’m poppin boners for this game.

  52. avatar SilentStalker

    I did not get jack when I preordered…will we get this on pick up or what?

  53. avatar Livyathan

    Hey, guys, in all respect, why are you all whining about getting a poster as a pre-order bonus when it’s the GAME you should be hoping for? I personally would love to have a modern warfare 2 poster in my bedroom wall saying “Yeah, I pre-ordered this game, and it’s good enough for me to stick this poster up”.

    Just saying. I’m looking forward to the game, not the bonus. I’d just rather not wait a month after it comes out for it to be in stock again.

  54. avatar Livyathan

    I have no clue how to use commas haha look at the first few words of my previous post % words and three commas OHH YEAH. Also I sounded like a fag here “Yeah, I pre-ordered this game, and it’s good enough for me to stick this poster up”. Also I now realize you wouldn’t have to wait a month to get it. I exaggerated to make my point but I over exaggerated causing me to lose credibility. Good Day.

    • avatar Punjabi

      Oh man, I would have to say that I’d want a sequel to The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. I absetuloly loved the ending, but I have such an adoration for the characters that reading more about them in the future would be a wish come true. :)

  55. avatar Livyathan

    That % in my previous post should be a 5 I’m so dumb I capped a number haha.

  56. avatar timbo

    you dont get shit i got it today

  57. avatar Thock

    I actually think a bonus like this is appropriate. I am getting tired of developers releasing games with missing content that you have to get the pre order to experience the “real” thing.

  58. avatar Thock

    I am dumb and change my mind there should be huge preoder bonuses

  59. avatar Perfectgamer

    Yea there should be a big preorder bonus

  60. avatar Perfectgamer

    I am dumb and change my mind there should not be big preorder bonus

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