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The future of video games shall be, in no uncertain terms, heavily influenced by to two things: console exclusivity and Lego. The guys over at Mega64 appear to realise this obvious fact a little more than most, as is evident in their latest two videos.

Whether or not you are excited about the prospect of Lego Rock Band is irrelevant – but you should be. In fact, rather than moaning about how stale the series is becoming, you should be thrilled at the prospect of the range of other Lego games Mega64 detail here too. Meanwhile, the subject of exclusivity certainly splits opinion, driving a large wedge through our often hostile community on a daily basis.

But, one thing that is for sure: these clips bring the fun back into fun video games, designed to be fun and not ruled by money. Have fun!


  1. avatar Jack

    LEGO LEGO Star Wars – no brainer!

  2. These guys are my heroes. LEGO BLOCK

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