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Obviously if there were only two people left in the world, no one would be podcasting. But what happens when there are only two podcasters left, and a world that is listening? LimitCast Episode 4 happens, that’s what!

Join Steve and Clance as they talk about what they haven’t been playing, along with exciting new releases for the week. They go into detail, discussing the proposal made by the European Union, and Steve finally reveals his plan to get a Playstation 3! Excuse the few moments of dead air, but please enjoy the show! We answer your questions, and more!

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P.S.- Next week will be our E3 predictions show, so be sure to come on back!

  1. avatar Jack

    Greetings, ISA scum.

    Nice job keeping things together with only a two man crew. Only one game? I’d be tempted by an MMO or something that’s always evolving.

    Be lucky!

  2. Haha, thanks!

    I’m so f-ing long-winded, I’m very sorry. It was very very late in the day…

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