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We’ve been reporting on the status on 3D Realms, and their latest creation, Duke Nukem Forever, during the past week, and it looks like the final word is “3D Realms is now closed”. But what does this spell for the fate of Duke Nukem Forever? Will it be taken up by someone else, or just lie in wait for another 10 years, so we can be strung-along through picture sets every year or so?

Whatever your opinion is on the generally generic looking screenshots, this video is sure to delight the Duke fan in you. It even has my favorite level, the football stadium boss fight. If you’re at work, be warned, this video has bewbs!

Here’s the website where the footage original came from, hosted by a former 3D Realms employee. It’s not open for public access, just for the gaming industry.

  1. avatar Poedonk

    With Duke gone there is no hope left.


  2. God, I really really hope someone else picks this up. It looks amazing.

  3. I can’t believe were missing out on this..

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