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wwwdotuporg24559Sometimes, scouring message boards can yield false, outrageous, and overly malicious comments that can cause the the Pope’s ears to gush blood at abnormal rates. However, other times, the forum can hold the holiest of grails, and thanks to Gametrailer’s forum member “hweita,” we’ll soon be greeted by Hideo Kojima’s new project on May 18th.

The image above, taken from a Japanese gaming magazine, depicts what could only be described as an approaching storm. Kojima sure love his metaphors; not only does the oncoming storm signify the “electrifying” title that Kojima has in the works, but could this also symbolize the second coming of Raiden (his name means “thunder and lightning” in Japanese) in a brand new Metal Gear Solid title? If you look ever-so-closely at the cloud structure, you’ll notice a familiar reptile branching off from the crease of the magazine to the middle of the left page. Yet, Kojima could simply be pulling our legs, as a Zone of the Enders sequel has been circulating around the rumor mill for quite sometime.

With MGS4 not quite a year old and the story unfolding as it did, a Z.O.E sequel seems a bit more plausible and has been a desire of fans both large and small since the 2nd Runner came out six years ago. Although Solid Snake’s story may have concluded, Kojima was able to reestablish Raiden as both a principle character and someone who doesn’t quite suck so much to play as. Either option is entirely possible.

Personally, I’d love to see Metal Gear Solid: Raiden; even if the game sucked, it’d still be f**king awesome to kill people wielding a katana with your mouth or foot.

[UPDATE] Upon further research, Kojima Productions wikipedia page lists “Project S” under games developed, with both the platform and date listed as TBA. The “Project S” link redirects you to Hideo Kojima’s wiki, a feature I believe will change once May 18th rolls around. Is this more speculation for a return to the world of Metal Gear? Or simply a marketing tool to get the media in a hyping frenzy?

  1. A random game like Lunar Knights?
    MGS 4 Expansion?
    MGS 4 360?
    MGS Raiden Gaiden? (heh)
    ZOE 3?

    Take your pick.

  2. This reminds me… I gotta play 2nd runner

  3. avatar Selene

    Quite a humbling inteivrew, plus directing how storytelling can be explained. It is a shame, that those new to MGS may look over its true theoretical beliefs, and not take something from their time spent.Never felt any of his works were just a “interactive novel”. You are always on the move, even while making decisions. Even with the definitive changes in MGS4, its a nonstop roller coaster ride worth raving about.*note I have yet to actually sit down a play MGS4. And sadly no I do not own a PS3, but caught a glimpse of it in motion at a local game store. Maybe more novel works may have an influence in Kojima’s next project. Hope we’ll find out some interesting details, even within the independent understandings of what makes us truly who we are.

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