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Do you remember the Famitsu ad about Kojima’s mystery title? The ad featured the date May 18 and a URL, informing us some announcement will happen on that date. Well it is now May 18, and the teaser site has been updated. The site features thunder and lightning overcasting the field with a countdown displayed in the middle.

During a lightning strike, a big “5″ shows up in the middle. Can it be Metal Gear Solid 5? I just can’t shake the feeling but to think of Raiden when there’s a lightning strike. If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid 4, then you know where I’m getting at.

Instead of a “5,” it could also be a big “S” which gives me a small hope of another Snatcher game. The countdown will be over in T-minus 90 hours, so it looks like we will have to wait to see what is revealed. I hope it’s not another countdown. What do you think it is?

Kojima Productions teaser site

  1. It could be an S, too, right? If that’s the case, I’m holding out for Metal Gear Sigint.

  2. Zone of the Enders: The Fifth Runner
    Metal Gear Solid S (Metal Gear Solid 4 Substinensustance)
    Metal Gear D-S

    All unlikely, but awesome possibles.

  3. avatar john

    it would be annoying if this is a j.j. abrahms type thing. in the podcast they talk about how they cant talk about it but the background music is often related to what they are discussing at the time so im seeing if i can’t track that down.

  4. I find it interesting that Raiden is Japanese for thunder & lightning… I love Kojima for getting this kind of buzz going.

    Also Chris Carter – if this is Metal Gear DS, I’ll be very very sad !

  5. Please…oh please don’t be Metal Gear 5! Bring on something new Kojima!

  6. avatar TD

    Look at the source code. Mystery solved: name=”keywords” content=”Hideo Kojima, MGS,METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production

  7. We figured that out already; but Kojima is king when it comes to giving false information on purpose.

  8. avatar Another hint

    Some guy named King on the metal gear solid unofficial site has had another clue. Basically if you look at the metal gear solid 2 trailer, (forgot which one), but it should be on youtube, there are so many mgs2 trailers, but one of them has a black background with the same big ‘S’ in the background …with the same FONT and size…and in the front of this big S…it says ‘snake is back’ in that mgs trailer….

    this could possibly be another metal gear game, and if it is, I am so hyped for it, it will be as mysterious and sinister and exciting as MGS2 fo sureeee

  9. avatar and yet..another...

    also we all know that the countdown will start every 4 days revealing new animations….this is one of the icons we see on the website..the first one is normal cloud, which has already been seen….today, the THUNDER cloud has been revealed….the next one is possibly a Rain animation (4 days time), and then, after that, the next animation on that website will be a SUNNY animation…….and then..after that…we will see the revealing secret of this game…at E3!

  10. Interesting thoughts there mate…

  11. avatar Rafa

    Now i know, it’s another countdown…… :(

  12. avatar John Doe

    but u were right with the rain animation

  13. avatar ALVARO

    Did anyone notice when you click the letter e on the keyboard some black dots come falling down

  14. avatar glenn

    nope its defo a 5… if ya hold ur screen up abit ya an c the botom line on the 5… its about how raiden searches to find big boss’ body after 2 and before 4.. it tells you some things about it in 4 but it is about raiden going back to mgs2 to find solidus’ body for big mama

  15. avatar Chris

    If you watch it for a few minutes you will see it says, SURPRISE E3
    yes, it does, it took me a minute to figure it out but its true, watch it. MGS FTW

  16. avatar Geoff

    well it HAS to be metal gear…when it lightings,sometimes is shows big-boss’ face…back when he was I guess a green baret

  17. avatar Geoff

    its another game,,,youll be playing as Big Boss…this is common sense guys!

  18. avatar Dim

    before it updated to the sun shining, we had both Big Boss and another man, who i can only guess at being Frank Yaeger a.k.a Grey Fox, 14hours until the next update, roll on 11pm tonight

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