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There were reports from multiple sources that the servers for Killing Floor were not allowing some to log in. This was even stopping our very own from reviewing it for you, the reader! It was a rough launch for the title, and nobody likes to feel like their game is broken. We’re happy to let you know that they’ve got their ducks in a row, and the issues straightened out. Hit the jump for a full list of patch notes!

Server Browser

  • Fixed the in game server browser not showing all servers
  • Fixed the “Perks enabled server” icon not showing up in the server browser
  • Fixed some server browser filters not working right. Also added the ability to filter servers by Perks enabled and filter by difficulty
  • Added the ability to sort the server list by difficulty
  • Servers that cannot be reached because they are behind a firewall will show up with a ping of 9999 in the server browser. This is the cause of most “connection failed” messages
  • Fixed the “Stats Name/Password” popup box that was popping up but shouldn’t have been
  • Fixed a “Warning” box that was appearing but shouldn’t have been
  • Added a message when attempting to host a listen server notifying the user what ports they must have open on their firewall to host the game

Other Fixes

  • Shortened the default length of time the server waits before the map changes
  • Set proper defaults for Difficulty/Game Length – right now it defaults to Beginner/Short, changing this to Normal/Medium
  • Fixed dead enemies disappearing instantly on a Listen Server for other players
  • Fixed game not showing up in Gamespy
  • White list – creating a white list of server mutators that can be used while still allowing perks

Make sure and get onto Steam ASAP and fix your copy of Killing Floor.

Source: Steam

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  2. avatar Unknown

    HOw to make the whitelist ?

  3. avatar Manoj

    That’s odd, I (and presumably eveonrye else playing) can ping that address fine. It sounds like your ISP or your government or someone is blocking access to that IP address. Or maybe they have an issue in their network which means it can’t access that address. The server is hosted in Australia at a shared hosting service with multiple websites on the same IP address. Maybe one of these sites caused the entire IP address to be blocked? Unfortunately I can’t do much to help you about that. You could use a VPN or proxy service or you could complain to your ISP that you can’t access that website, but people from other countries can. Good luck!

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