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A subject that has been heavily discussed in recent times has been the inclusion of advertisements within video games. Product placement is becoming more frequent and the ways in which companies advertise to us are gradually changing. According to a recent assessment, analysts Screen Digest believe that businesses could be spending up to $1 billion on this method of promotion by 2014.

This examination of the games advertising industry and survey of digital planners from GroupM’s global agency network suggests that the combination of audience media habits and the unique possibilities of dynamic in-game advertising has not yet been tapped into on the kind of scale we can expect in the next five years.

“Dynamic in-game advertising offers brands the same accountability as other digital platforms but in a more controlled environment than social display media and through a more standardized value chain than mobile advertising,”  Screen Digest Senior Analyst for Advertising, Vincent Letang, said. “Like online video pre-rolls, in-game advertising fills a gap in online branding, bringing familiar formats such as virtual billboards and TV ads into the gaming experience.”

The belief is that spending in this area will reach one and a half percent by 2014, which could mean a fair few Big Mac billboards in Killzone 3 and some American Airlines in your Final Fantasy XIV. It would be nice to think that developers will hold their own and keep their artistic integrity alive. But when the money’s on the table, who knows what we may witness.

What do you guys think? Not too keen on the idea of being told what to eat, drink and wear while picking out those headshots in Call Of Duty: Modern Warzone Extreme 6*?

To see the full report with your own eyes, click here.

*May or may not be the actual title of a game.

  1. This is still considered “taboo” by some gaming companies, and simply wouldn’t be appropriate. For example having just read about battle front 3 I can’t imagine Lucas arts putting up Coke billboards into some of the maps. Games from EA though….. I completely expect it.

  2. I really enjoyed Konami’s perspective in regards to advertising shown in Metal Gear Solid 4. It was very subtle: Octacon had a power mac but they never mentioned it, and you use your Ipod to listen to music in-game, but it wasn’t crammed down your throat.

  3. I really hate in-game advertising, as it totally ruins the immersion of the game. When I was playing bionic commando, swinging around and feeling badass, I was just sad when I saw that n-vidia or pepsi advertisements were just shoved in your face.
    I only like in-game advertising like the user above, the ones that don’t cram it down your throat.

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