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Publisher Valcon Games was planning on bringing the PlayStation 2 title Shining Dragon, based on the Ikki Tousen anime series, to North America. Unfortunately, a western release might no longer happen as the ESRB has given it an “M” rating due to the game featuring quasi-nudity thus blowing the distribution the publishers desired.

The ESRB justified their decision with the following statement:

“All the female characters are dressed in short skirts or skirts with a high slit. The game features frequent depictions of panties, cleavage, and exaggerated breast jiggle. A special attack move allows some characters to rip opponents’ clothes to shreds – exposing even more of the female anatomy (legs, breasts, partial buttocks).”

Rather than toning down the content to achieve a friendlier rating, Valcon Games instead decided to cancel its western release.

“We could remove all the stuff that makes it an M-rated game, but then we don’t think the customers would be very happy buying an Ikki Tousen game without all the shredded clothing,” said Colin Gordon, Co-founder of Valcon Games.

Well they certainly know their audiences, and it compels me to ask: Would you buy an Ikki Tousen game, or any game for that matter, that has been toned down, removing content the series is known for?

Source: Examiner

  1. I tried watching the anime once, long ago. It was… pretty bad.

  2. Can’t they just release it with an 18-rating in the UK? It’d probably sell more copies that way.

  3. avatar Jarrid

    This is a sad, sad day when the ESRB are depriving the States of games with their Draconian censorship rules.

  4. avatar zach

    am i the only person that finds that whole thing bullshit du to the fact yes it has all that but whats the fucken difrence between that and DOA

  5. avatar Ar tonelico

    Soul Calibur 4 has ripping clothes and is Teen rated so I don’t see the difference. Shining Dragon is like DOA, Soul Calibur 4, and with a story that’s supposively loosely based off of Romance of the Three Kingdoms

  6. avatar Silent

    i was like can’t wait for this to come out and now this bullshit what the fuck man

  7. avatar Sonsaku

    so cutting down content might ruin sales? oh lets cancel it so we dont sell it at all! nice logic. im disappointed, so what if it was rated M? i was waiting a long time for a us release! so ripping off bodyparts, killing people is ok material, but a little boobage and everyone freaks. i will just buy the japanese version. i hate you valcom games!

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