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Avatar ImageHyrule meets Halo
By: | May 5th, 2009
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A Halo PC modder by the name of ARKaMAN has been hard at work with Rambo, a Celist, and others to faithfully recreate one of the most beloved versions of Hyrule ever.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s greed fields are being painstakingly rendered using the map modification tools of the PC version of Halo, and the results are simply amazing.  If you don’t mind the idea of hookshots meeting hand grenades, then hold your breath and hit the jump for the video.

It looks like bows and arrows and crossbows will be replacing assault rifles and plasma swords in this nostalgic mash up.  The attention to detail is incredibly admirable, as this project couldn’t possibly be handled by a more qualified candidate.  The teaser video leads me to believe this will be one huge connected map, and if that’s the case I might just have to fork over the cash for a copy of Halo PC.

The video also claims that the Beta version of the Zelda tribute map will be going public soon.  In case we run into each other in Halo-rule, I call dibs on being the crazy windmill guy.  You can’t miss me.  I’ll be the guy sniping noobs from atop Death Mountain.

Check out the creator’s website at

Source: GoNintendo

  1. This is pretty amazing.

  2. Well then..
    I now have a reason to pick up my usual console played games on the PC now…

  3. damn, pretty epic stuff.

  4. avatar ARKaMAN

    I work with a team. There is also Rambo, a Celist and others….

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