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Just yesterday we gave you the news of Heart Gold & Soul Silver (Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes) and today we’ll present you with some magnificent screenshots of the game; straight from the latest episode of Pokémon Sunday in Japan. Hit the jump to check them out!

The game looks extremely similar to the most recent Pokémon games released, (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) except it seems you can have your starter Pokémon follow you around like in Pokémon Yellow. Hopefully you can choose what Pokémon follows you. The game looks awesome, and will be released in Japan this Autumn.

Have your Pokémon follow you! Yay Chikorita!

Have your Pokémon follow you! Yay Chikorita!

  1. ‘Bout time. This one better be good, because Leaf Green and Fire Red sucked…

  2. Oh I can get behind this. Finally, pokemon that I can recognise

  3. I can’t wait for this to come out to America in like… never

  4. I seriously am considering buying a DS just for this….

  5. I haven’t cared about Pokemon since the original batch came around…

  6. avatar Josh


  7. avatar khan

    Man this is gonna rok

  8. avatar Name (Required)

    use 4 latest news

  9. avatar Banna-Kicking Warrior

    DUDE!!! I’m so excited!

  10. avatar g man

    this game will be sik man i herd it comes out in the fall sweet

  11. avatar Name (Required)

    Gold and Silver were the best games. This game is going to be the bomb!

  12. avatar bruno-kun

    my is bruno-kun of the pokemon hearth gold and soul silver
    my favority

  13. avatar mr. bacon

    finally it was always so impossible to get johto pokemon:)

  14. avatar blazeken12

    when is the relese date for America? Serebii says 2010. But I want more specific deatails… Page for pics-

    (copy and paste)

  15. avatar kcapokemaster

    i heard that theres new areas like anew island plus there are more towns than the original but i think its just 1-3 new ones but thats wat the map on looks like

  16. avatar leemeister

    i cant wait for it to come , when its out im gonna buy direct

  17. avatar Gaeton

    This game so friken rocks i cant wait!!!!!!! add me on myspace ppl kk meh name on there is Yotsuba kk Game wait for the game 2010 better be here soon!!!!! ugh!!!! i dont wanna wait >.< also heres some new for all of u pokemon lovers who want the games heart gold and soul silver in you dont mind the reading you can get the game on ebay for prices maybe $50 or more lol best i could find well ill find some more info for this game stay tuned

  18. avatar Gaeton

    heres a video from youtube its in japanese but it has a good over look of the game

  19. avatar Gaeton

    the game comes out 2010 ok i got that but i dont get how it takes so long just to subb the game ugh…..its sucks that the game comes out september in japan -_- but america and england have to wait until spring of 2010 ugh…

  20. avatar ANTHONY™

    i cant wait!!!! you can walk any pokemon you want! its stupid that you have to wait just so they can change all the words to english=( im a big pokefan so this is gooing to be the longest winter ever…….

    • avatar Nour

      I got pokemon yeollw when I had? a gameboy color but I don’t think silver and gold was released when I got it. But I can say now FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU- that I didn’t got the silver or the gold version because they WERE for gameboy color .

  21. avatar dennis

    i know big arse wait tempted to download japenese rom but i know that will b a spoiler haha!

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