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After a quite successful first trial on a audio based mock giveaway, we are trying it again, just so we can try and gauge our readers soundbite knowledge. To summarize, in each competition we will upload a few short soundbites, and the first person to guess what games they are from gets a giveaway… In this case… a Virtual Cookie.

This difficulty has been ramped up a little more this time, so hopefully they don’t get guessed right away…

Listen to the sound bite below.

[podcast][/podcast] [podcast][/podcast] [podcast][/podcast]

Do you know what games they are? Well put your reputation on the line below, three faux cookies are available for giveaway.

  • Roughly every 24 hours from the post time a new clue will be given.
  • Future giveaways/competitions will have real prizes, this time I promise :)

Terms and Conditions:
1) Up to three guesses per household.
2) The virtual cookie is a super lame prize which doesn’t exist outside of a jpg, don’t get too excited.
3) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff

  1. avatar Sylar

    Sonic Adventure is definetly the last one.

  2. I’m fairly sure that the second one is The Curse of Monkey Island.

  3. Oh, and I also want to say that the first one is one of Telltale’s Sam and Max games.

  4. Yep you are correct with the Curse of Monkey Island, the other one is an adventure game but isn’t a Sam & Max.

  5. Avatar Image Ian

    I know this is gonna be wrong but…

    the first one sounds vaguely like Microsoft Tinker

  6. Is the first one The Neverhood?

  7. no, tis a lucasarts game :)

  8. It’s not Grim Fandango, is it?

  9. avatar Cedge

    Ah hah! Thanks. :)

  10. avatar Sylar

    Ha! I knew It! I knew It was Grim Fandango!

    • avatar Cristiano

      Exactly. Every year it goes around the cnahge the future theme, which is clearly, boring by now. And no one seems to stay dead in that series. They even brought the Nikki actress back (as her sister), just because. Sure, Lost brings back dead people, but there’s an underlying mystery as to what these people truly are, and the state they are in. Heroes just brings them back just like that instead, like nothing happened to them. The show is badly made IMO, a series that I can’t take seriously. Just like Prison Break lost its seriousness after the first season. There are so many prop errors or unrealistic scenarios on Prison Break these days that it’s not even funny.I was thinking exactly the same thing about Hiro’s behavior and Sylar’s hearing ability btw. These kinds of prop mistakes wouldn’t have happened on Lost . In fact, Lost employs a guy who knows all the details, and tries to find such inconsistencies in the script before shooting takes place (and even he, missed a few, like Charlie being/not being able to swim). There is attention to detail on Lost, a much deeper story, and two writers who know what they want and how to lay it out.The only thing I can say about Heroes is this: it’s convoluted, and its writers don’t give a toss anymore. And this reflects in the ratings. NBC properly advertised Heroes, and so in this case, the producers can’t say the usual we didn’t have support from our network . It’s just that people lost interest in that mess. Heroes is quickly going to get canceled if it doesn’t gain 3 more million viewers by the end of the season. Something that I don’t expect it to happen.

  11. A real comp with ‘real prizes’ will be up soon, just waiting for the E3 stuff to clear away :)

  12. avatar Sylar

    Can’t wait for It. :D

  13. avatar Petualang

    , i have to say i’m still a HUGE fan of the show. I try not to think too much about these things. It makes the show much more elbnyajoe. I mean, it’s just a TV show, we shouldn’t try and pick on every single detail the writers have ignored or missed. The same with Prison Break. I still watch it and enjoy it.

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