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A classic mode in the world of first person shooters is that of the good old capture the flag. The frenzied gameplay that is made real when desperately attempting to score points is brought to life in Burnout Paradise in a well executed mode simply known as “Cops and Robbers”.

The tried and true concept behind capture the flag, or the new Cops and Robbers DLC is not a brand new idea that Criterion came up with. In fact, some would say it is old and overdone in some first-person genres. You may say, “I’ve tried this before”. I can all but guarantee that you’ve never tried it flying eighty miles per hour with traffic zooming by you, and coming up behind you. The traffic is the very least of your worries.

Although there can be any variation on either team, most rounds of Cops and Robbers will consist of eight players, four for each side. The Paradise City Police Department will catch word of gold being dropped off, and they’ll race to the scene to ensure it stays out of the hands of the thieves. Of course the criminal empire inside Paradise City has insiders who know all about the gold, and they want it.


The gameplay element inside Cops and Robber is simple, but its the foundation laid for the entire Burnout Paradise world that makes it much more interesting. The path between the two drop-off locations is filled with enough turns, twists, bridges, and jumps to keep things very interesting. That, and you never know where the gold will appear. It could be way up in the mountains, or down by the shore.

As the Burnout Paradise has grown into more of a platform than a game, new content has been difficult to figure out how to access. You’ll need to at least have two people in your freeburn with the content to begin, but once that is established things should make themselves clear. It’s a bit annoying that you can’t get too it easily, and they don’t really tell you a lot of “how-to”. Sometimes I wish this new downloadable content craze would at least come with a manual.

The amazing frenzy begins the second the gold hits the map, and it turns into a a demolition derby as each side attempts to capture the bounty, and get it back to their respective hiding places. It sounds like some amazing DLC, but is it worth $10.00? No, not by itself.


Criterion remedied that problem by making available thirty-five brand new police vehicles for you to use in any part of the game. Taking some of the favorite models of the normal cars, they’ve given them sirens, lights, blue and white paint, and given them to you. Each of them are unique, and enough to make any Burnout fan feel like their money was well spent.

The Cops and Robbers DLC for Burnout Paradise deserves a 9 out of 10.

  1. This looks really cool. Burnout is a great racing game… toss in the classic appeal of cops and robbers and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

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